Finally: 'Lord of the Rings' maker's masterpiece debuts on Blu-ray - but with a big hold - Kino News

Finally: ‘Lord of the Rings’ maker’s masterpiece debuts on Blu-ray – but with a big hold – Kino News

Peter Jackson, long before the Middle-earth saga, proved to be a great filmmaker: we got a full five stars for Heavenly Creatures! Now the distinction appears for the first time in Germany on Blu-ray – in the abridged version.


Peter Jackson is best known for his adaptation of “Lord of the Rings,” which – fans and critics largely agree – is one of the most popular movie series of all time. Perhaps the fact that he was once commissioned to adapt the classic fantasy film is due to the fact that he built a reputation as an exceptional filmmaker long before the turn of the millennium – and not just with low-budget grenades. Such as “Bad Taste” and “Braindead”, but also with the dramatic masterpiece “Heavenly Creatures”, for which Jackson received his first Academy Award nomination in 1995.

While the cult classic of horror is still waiting for the official German HD movie premiere, “Heavenly Creatures” will finally be released on August 13, 2021 for the first time in Germany on Blu-ray:


But even if this is not a bloodthirsty horror joke, potential buyers should know one thing in advance …

‘Heavenly Creatures’: Blu-ray premiere shortened only

After the full movie was released in German cinemas and also celebrated its home cinema premiere on VHS on that release, “Heavenly Creatures” has only been released in the abridged version since the DVD era in Germany – and that won’t change on Blu-ray either. With the latest details revealed about the HD premiere, it will once again be only the cut-out version of the R-Class.

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Compared to the uncut version, a total of nine minutes are missing, including parts of the film’s surreal dream sequences. If you want to fully enjoy the movie, you can still avoid the cassette or the US version – however, you need a player for both DVD and Blu-ray that can play all regional codes (since US – standard discs European hardware is unlocked).

These are “celestial creatures”

1950s New Zealand: Young outgoing Juliette (Kate Winslet) and Pauline (Melani Linsky) not only share their passion for opera singer Mario Lanza, but both are seriously ill – and offer each other support by joining together in an exciting fantasy world of escape. However, her parents don’t want to know anything about their exciting adventures among unicorns, giant butterflies, and decadent royal families – and soon they’ll see a “dangerous homosexual affair” arise in the ever-growing friendship…

For us, Heavenly Creatures remains one of Peter Jackson’s best films. The upcoming drama evokes mainly thanks to the chemistry between the two leading actresses, but Peter Jackson also contributes a lot to a truly magical movie experience – with a marked willingness even at the time to live creatively, subtle and unconditional fantasy worlds for awakening. A great piece of the movie, which has 5 out of 5 potential stars in the FILMSTARTS review – definitely worth a watch, but preferably uncut.

The FILMSTARTS movie review of “Heavenly Creatures”

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