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Finally, EOFT is touring again

Finally, the European Foreign Film Tour is on tour once again and with EOFT 20 bringing you what we’ve all missed – unique adventures around the world and inspiring stories on the big screen!

On October 12, 2021 at its premiere in Munich, the adventure returns to the big screen and then tours more than 20 countries around the world. With the supporting program including moderation, competitions, and a break, the event takes about two and a half hours. The anniversary tour has been planned keeping all requirements in mind, developing flexible hygiene concepts and alternative digital options. New are scanable tickets, which now allow contactless check-in at all EOFT events.

The outdoor community’s most famous series is back and it’s time to get inspired once again by the heroes of EOFT. The recipe, which was already convincing in 2001 in the first round, has not changed:

Real heroes! Real feelings! Exciting adventure! this is really!

EOFT Program 2021


March 1950: In the middle of the Guiana jungle, natives find the diary of French explorer Raymond Mauvrays – no trace of the author. When the book fell into the hands of the young adventurer Elliot Schoenfeld (Le Minimaliste) 70 years later, Movres’ voice cast a spell on him on the spot. He makes his way to French Guiana to follow the Maufrais trail in the woods. What began as a journey into the past quickly leads Elliot to the limits of his powers and perilously approaches the fate of Movers.

I am the North

Climber Caro North pulls it – in the mountains, in the wall, in the heights, no matter what part of the world it is. At the age of sixteen she was already standing on Anconcagua (6961 m) in Argentina. The young alpine climber is distinguished not only for her expeditions in Patagonia, Alaska, Iran and the Himalayas, but also for her experience as a mountain guide in the Swiss mountains at home. In the photo we follow it exactly there: to the icy heights – where the Carrow North feels right at home.

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Miles forward

One man – one world – one record?
For Jonas Deichmann, there are no problems and there is only one gear: the striker. What no one has achieved so far is an open invitation to the extreme athlete to outdo himself. After making thrilling recordings across Eurasia and the Americas and from North Cape to Cape Town, Deichmann faces the biggest challenge of his career to date: a triathlon around the world. That’s 120 times Iron Man’s running distance. When Deichmann started his bike in Munich in September 2020, he had 450km of swimming, 19,000km of cycling and 5,000km of running ahead of him – and the adventure of a lifetime.

out of frame

Multitool incarnation: Frenchman Matisse Dumas is one of a new generation of all-around alpine games. When he challenges the elements on skis, on a rope, or with an ice ax, his job is still in its infancy: as an outdoor photographer, the athlete has chosen a career that demands outstanding athletic, social, and creative performance. The focus is always on his idea – even now. We follow Mathis on his latest project: an unprecedented high line in the heart of Mont Blanc.

climb Iran

Professional climber in Iran – this is actually a contradiction in terms. As for Nassim Eshki, it is a living reality: Iranian women follow the call of the mountains and thus defy the social limits that their homeland sets for women. Eshki has now created fifty new tracks in Iran. The film tells the story of an extraordinary woman who, motivated by her passion, overcomes mental, geographical, physical and ideological barriers.

play gravity

Snowboard professional Elias Elhart and drone pilot Sebastian Sheeren are both masters of the air: one with a snowboard and large antennas, the other with a drone camera in a new dimension of filmmaking. In PLAYING GRAVITY, they both find a way to beat gravity and engage in an acrobatic race down the mountain.


Those who want to fly can do a well-ventilated gravity dance. New Zealand / Aotearoa offers wing pilots a great playground. Flying human shadows cast over crevices, torrents and mountain slopes seem almost unreal. SPELLBOUND captures the magic of flight – a poem in film form.

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