Fight Corona: An antibody drug from Marburg opens new horizons

Fight Corona: An antibody drug from Marburg opens new horizons

In addition to vaccines, they are the great hope in fighting the Corona virus: antibody drugs. A special preparation is being developed in the center of Hesse.

  • Antibody Made by the organism to ward off diseases.
  • Medicine These heavy ones can also be produced industrially Corona disease cycles Prevents.
  • A promising treatment Marburg In the testing phase.

Marburg – Antibody It helps our immune system defend itself against bacteria or viruses. It is usually produced by an organism independently to protect itself from pathogens. if it was Antibody It comes into contact with a foreign body to fight it, it unites with it – thus making the “intruder” harmless. distance Corona infection The body usually produces a number of different types Antibody. Also one vaccination This calls for a reaction immune system Appeared.

Synthetic antibodies can help against corona

Antibodies can also be artificially produced and administered to an already infected patient, which can block a severe course of the disease. Donald Trump was received by former US President Donald Trump at a party infection Like “antibody cocktail”. The Drugs From US manufacturer Regeneron and when Trump got it, it was not approved. It is now adopted in the USA, but not yet in the European Union. However, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has already ordered 400 million euros worth of cans.

Recent studies have found that timing of administration is critical to the drug’s effectiveness. Earlier synthetic Antibody The immune system Support, the better they can do it virus To fight, and in the best case to make it harmless. However, if the disease is already advanced and the patient is seriously ill, the money is of little use. The body already has a large number on it Antibodies Produced. It would be much more of a good thing: alternatively, additional supplies of synthetic ones could be used Corona antibodies To “override” immune system At worst, it turns on the organism – a known problem in the fight against it Coronavirus diseaseWithout also Antibody agents.

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In principle, the study showed good results for the drug. Patients who suffer Antibodies Those who have been treated often require treatment in hospital or intensive care units. In addition, the viral load in the pharynx decreased Infection risk Reduced by 80 percent.

Corona antibody drug from Marburg: The quality surpasses the quantity

Research is still working on other promising treatments Corona She, too, is in University of Marburg Phillips. Twist there Antibody medication It brings some advantages over already known preparations. Instead of a full cocktail Antibodies They focus on quality more than quantity: the sheer amount Antibodies In one blood Coronavirus Researchers isolated those who seemed particularly suitable for the drug. The product created in this way has already been very successful in the laboratory and in animal experiments. It is now being tested in preliminary clinical studies at the University Hospital of Cologne, initially for its tolerability.

Stephan Baker, Head of the Institute of Virology in Marburg, In an interview with Deutschland Funk (DLF), he explains how Drugs And thereforeBy: “It kind of relaxes the patient’s immune system by using AntibodyThis is usually Injured Then do it yourself, give it in advance. And in this case, this is not just a different cocktail AntibodiesHowever, these are very specific, well-specified individual antibodies that are able to prevent infection with SARS – Coronavirus To completely neutralize. ”

It means using the antibodies of newly infected people

Allowed Antibody agents Not yet in the European Union. Until now, the drugs had to be administered by injection in the clinic. Stefan Baker Team Marburg We have come up with a solution to this: “What we now consider a special feature: we must Antibody By inhalation, so that this injection is practically not needed Antibody So it is exactly where it is needed, in the lungs. “

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The Antibody medication Of course, it cannot be considered a substitute for the measures already in place. However, it is also an effective addition Vaccines And the Preventive measures Like masks and rules of distance. Human monoclonal Antibody It is a promising component in new antivirus like SARS-Coronavirus 2“, And therefore Baker in a press release from the University of Marburg. Development Preparation Search can make a good deal. “If these antibodies prove to be effective against Covid-19 We must point out that this knowledge can be in the present as well as in the future Epidemics And the pandemic Be helpful. “

Preparing from Marburg So it promises a lot. When should the new funds be used? “The earlier, the better!” Infectious disease scientist Florian Klein also says in a DOM radio interview with a presentation of past data. He leads studies at the University Hospital of Cologne Drugs Outside Marburg. People are the best Antibody drugs Those who have been infected only recently, but are extremely vulnerable to a severe course and can die from it. “What we can really see is that the patient should not be hospitalized or seriously ill,” says Klein.

Coronavirus prophylactic use can be visualized

Also a preventive use for contact persons Injured Imaginable for the little ones, especially those from Corona Vulnerable people can pass through Antibody therapy Protect. Some people with pre-existing illnesses may have a weakened immune system vaccination None of the body Antibody To produce. Therefore, this form of treatment will be an alternative to vaccination. However, a dose is rather expensive: the cost of a single dose is currently around € 2,000.

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The new money can cause local outbreaks, for example Nursing homes They can be controlled more quickly, since you do not have to wait for the preventive effect of vaccination. However, the use of Corona antibody agents To be well thought out. Because they stay after the treatment Antibody A few weeks in the blood of one patient vaccination With the resources of Biontech, Pfizer and Moderna not possible at first. (Sebastian Richter)

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