Fifteenth for France crushes New Zealand!

Faraj Bin Lallhoussain, Media 365, published on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 4:59 pm.

Very exciting, the French dominated New Zealand on Saturday with a score of 38-13. The return match will be held next Saturday. The 15th French ladies will have the chance to sign for a flawless run in this fall tour against the Southern Hemisphere nations.

Sublime! Nothing better described the performance of the 15th French national football team on Saturday at Stade Hameau in Pau. vs New Zealand, considered the best country on the planet rugby, for both men and women, Bleues had an exceptional match to crush the Black Ferns 38-13. The six Hab leveled tests showed, in very different styles, the extent of their color palette.

First of all, Pauline Bourdon’s malevolence reported Cyril Bennett in the right lane (10th). Fifteen minutes into the match, a love of attack punctuated by standing play and a series of moving passes shattered the defensive black curtain. One couldn’t be more clairvoyant, Gabrielle Werner saw Bennett quite secluded on the opposite wing to the right. She served her teammate with an amazing kick pass for the station wagon (16).

The pressure from the French is stifling the world champions who were fortunate to see a video bid rejected for a striker. But the inevitable ended with a try just before the break scored by Chloe Jacquet after a good job fixing the package (19-6, half time). The players of Annick Hayraud understood it well, they took an unexpected rise in the fight. The strength of the attackers will make for a quick succession of tests by Emily Pollard (47th position) and Agathi Suchat (31-6, 63rd position). Mass has been said.

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The New Zealand women signed the armistice and acknowledged a last-ditch effort by Lower Sansos (71) before saving the honor with the achievement of Eloise Blackwell (38-13, 73). After the victory achieved in Grenoble in 2018 against the same black fern (30-27), the 15th woman in France has proven that she has already shaken off her inferiority complex against this giant. Never two without three? Blue will face the country of the Long White Cloud again next Saturday in Castres in order to sign a flawless run in this autumn tour against the countries of the Southern Hemisphere, having already dominated South Africa (46-3).

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