England and New Zealand dominate, Italy is seventh - OA Sport

England and New Zealand dominate, Italy is seventh – OA Sport

Following the temporary suspension of the New Zealand World Cup 2021 qualifying tournaments (scheduled for September 2022, ed.), the Women’s Oval League rankings clearly highlight the presence of three clear divisions among the top teams., with eleven teams stronger than all the others.

At the top of the ranking is now a permanent two-way challenge betweenEngland, first with 94.68 points, and new ZelandSecond place with 93.88 points. They are the two strongest teams in the world and have been the favorites in every international event for years. And the draw for the World Championship smiled in the blue, which will not face any of the two major teams in the first stage of the World Cup.

In third place on the podium in the standings is seated Canada, with North America receiving 87.49 points, followed by FranceFourth place with 84.71 points. They are the most direct opponents of England and New Zealand (and in fact, transalpines historically play the Six Nations with the English), Italy has drawn Canadians as opponents on the World Tour.

Behind the big four is a large group surrounded by eight points of the standings. The fifth isAustralia, with 78.68 points, followed by United States of America, with a score of 78.19 points, which separatesItaliaSeventh: 76.43 points. The Americans will be the opponent with whom the blue will play on paper for second place in the group, the one who deserves automatic qualification for the world championship.

Behind Italy there, to go down, in eighthIreland (75.65), and Scotland (73.48) and Spain (72.10) to close the first positions. They are the three teams that played direct qualification for the World Cup with Italy, with the exclusion of Ireland, Spain and Scotland, who will play for the place in the replay.

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Outside the top ten we find Wales, with a score of 70.71 points, which clearly separates the last opponent of Blue in the upcoming World Cup, ie Japan He is the twelfth with a score of 65.80 points. After the top 15 closed South AfricaAnd Russia e Kazakhstan.

Photo: Valerio Origo – LPS

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