FIFA, a very fruitful meeting in Vietnam between Xuan Phuc and Infantino

FIFA President Gianni Infantino welcomed the passion for football during a meeting with Nguyen Xuan Phuc, President of Vietnam, adding that with a shared commitment to orderly development and foundations, Vietnam can win its place on the world football stage.

The meeting discussed issues that will boost football growth in the country, including FIFA’s readiness to work with the Vietnam Football Federation on technical issues with a local strategy drawn from the Global Analysis Report and the inspiration provided by the men’s national team in achieving the goal. The third round of qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

“Vietnam is a country very passionate about football and we welcome the support of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc to continue this campaign for participation,” Infantino added.

“This qualification for the FIFA World Cup shows that Vietnam is very, very close to qualifying. I was in Saudi Arabia last week for the AFC Champions League final, and I met with officials of the Saudi Football Association who commented that the match was very close against Vietnam, as it was All results.

“Starting with the 2026 FIFA World Cup, there will be eight Asian teams instead of four eligible,” Infantino continued. “We have doubled the number of Asian teams and this gives a real opportunity for teams like Vietnam, who are working hard at the youth level, to play the FIFA World Cup and even the FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

The upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will see 32 teams participate for the first time in 2023, and the expansion will encourage member associations to enhance their technical development and infrastructure to compete on the international stage.

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“No other field has such an impact as football and the strength of sentiment that should unite nations,” said President Nguyen Xuan Phuc. “It evokes a special spirit and more and more people around the world love football and it attracts people’s attention from generation to generation. I fully support the president’s idea [FIFA] That we should not only care about developing a part, but all corners of the world.”

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