Fewer cases and variant Omicron still more present in Guadeloupe

Fewer cases and variant Omicron still more present in Guadeloupe

At the end of the week, the number of casualties in the department decreases. Another lesson, the Omicron variant accounts for 100% of new cases.

9,167 cases were recorded in 5 days compared to 11,298 in the previous week compared to the same period … The Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe noted a decrease in the number of new cases. But there is still something to be happy about.

According to a joint press release from the county and the ARS, people ages 10-19 and 20-39 now account for 44% of these new cases. Older age groups (40-59 years and over) account for 46%.

Indicators are still high. The positivity rate was 24.2%, and the infection rate exceeded 3,749.5/100,000 residents during the past seven days.
The Omicron variable confirms its presence in these fifth waves because it is now related to 100% of the samples.

Pollution hotspots are still important. 26 is currently being monitored by the health authorities. They are found in health institutions, schools, hotels, discos, bars and private parties.

The health authorities elected to maintain the resuscitation bed capacity at 35 beds in the Region, i.e. 30 beds in CHUG and 5 in CHBT, of which 13 critical care beds were added.
This morning, 34 people were treated in acute intensive care, 17 of whom have Covid. Of those, 17, 14 have not been vaccinated, the statement said. The other three did not have a complete vaccination schedule.

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The number of hospitalized patients remains relatively stable. They are 150, on Friday January 21st.
It should be noted that 6 children and 6 pregnant women are currently hospitalized.

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