Covid - Omicron: wave in a wave, resistance to immunity, re-infection ... What experts fear with BA 2

Covid – Omicron: wave in a wave, resistance to immunity, re-infection … What experts fear with BA 2

The Omicron subvariable worries scientists. Especially as governments, in turn, choose to ease restrictions.

the Variant Omicron changed the game. Less dangerous and more contagious but also more useful to look for herd immunity, the dominant form COVID-19 Besides campaign vaccination Intensive allowed the government to choose a easing restrictions.

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however, Jan Castex He hasn’t even announced the schedule for this Thursday evening, that A new variable It has already established itself in social networks and the media. its name : Bachelor’s degree 2. Which is the alternative that The Independent informed you of its existence on January 14th.

A week later, what do we know Bachelor 2 ?

Well, it is also spreading with amazing speed around the world: 40 countries have already reported its presence on their territory such asdew, the Denmark, the France and recently United kingdom.

Our neighbors across the channel have reported 426 cases. And if it is currently difficult to confirm whether BA.2 is more contagious or less severe than the original strain ofOmicron, the UK health authorities (UKHSA, the UK Health Security Agency) have assigned it as a variant “under investigation”, This is Investigation It was launched. Let be the stage that precedes the situation ‘The worrying alternative’disturbing formula. In other words, BA.2 is taken seriously.

According to English, BA.2 does not provide file Certain omicron mutations make it difficult to distinguish between them delta. According to Myra Chand, President Covid-19 incidents in UKHSA, “Viruses are in the nature of mutating and evolving. So we have to expect new variants to emerge.”.

The Danes are confused but not yet worried

in a DenmarkBA.2 accounted for the majority of cases last week and experts do not rule out that it is BA.2 obscure cause a second peak of pollution. Consider wave BA.2 in wave Omicron.

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Anders Vomsgaard, a researcher at the Statins Serum Institute (SSI) does not rule out that“It may be more resistant to population immunity. Not yet known. There may be a possibility that people infected with BA.1 are not immune to infection with BA. 2 soon afterThe Danish researchers were baffled but not yet worried, frankly, the number of hospitalizations did not increase.

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