Festivals are held again in New Zealand: without masks or distance

Festivals are held again in New Zealand: without masks or distance

In New Zealand, our dream in Europe and America is still a reality. Because festivals are already possible there, as we know them before. That means: Large crowds, no mask requirements, no minimum distance. How NME According to reports, several major events of this kind occurred in the island nation last week.

Between December 29 and December 31, 2020, that was roughly Rhythm and chrome The largest festival in the country. Up to 20,000 fans gathered here to celebrate together. They didn’t have to wear masks or walk away from them. This can be clearly seen in this video, which shows the final half hour of the festival on New Year’s Eve:


During the same period, the festival Rhythm and mountains It celebrated its tenth anniversary with the participation of 10,000 participants. And this as well Northern Bass Festival It could happen unimpeded: it will also be 10 years old in 2020.

In an international comparison, New Zealand is doing well when it comes to dealing with the Coronavirus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs It currently reports less than 50 active cases nationwide. But if you are now dreaming of traveling there to participate in a festival, then you will unfortunately have to get this dream out of your head. Because international entry to New Zealand remains prohibited until further notice.

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However, the images give hope to other countries as well: They show that returning to normal life is only a matter of time.

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