Federal 1. “Hyères Confirms Her Scarecrow Case”: Debriefing and Feedback from Hen 2

Manuel Charlier’s RCHCC remains undefeated and jumps in front of pool 2 at Fédérale 1. (© Facebook Hiep Images)

During this seventh day of Federal 1, it was not necessary to travel well in Group 2. In fact, only one club managed to win on the road, which is R.C. Hyeres-Carqueiranne-No Crow in the field of Berre-l’Étang. Nice deal also from CS Vienna, who scored an enhanced home win against a direct opponent in the playoffs, macon (31-11).

Note that the file Federal 1 He will be taking a break next weekend and will be back on November 6-7, 2021.

Perfection: Hyères-Carqueiranne-La Crau

The RCHCC you are a manager Gregory Le Corvik He has no equal in this group 2 of Federal 1. The only undefeated leader, Var went on to win in a park Berre-l’Étang (9-16), on Saturday, October 23, 2021, and position themselves as the scarecrow of this group. Although battered by Berroise’s steel formation, the Hyérois-Carqueirannais, and their workforce, found, once again, the resources to impose themselves outside their bases.

The only attempt at meeting was the work of a South African prostitute Elander Huggett (Narbonne and ex-cheops), before the break (38NS minute of play) after a five-metre penalty kick. The rest of the points were scored by the boot in New Zealand’s opening match Lachey Monroe half scrum Remy Dobby And the Romanian international back Ionel Millint. The Kubistes have held up well against Var and are satisfied with more than a well-deserved defensive bonus point.

Disappointment: macon

In a string of three straight victories, including one at Nuits-Saint-Georges, he wasace maconies He wanted to go in a park CS Vienna. Confirmation will wait, since Saône-et-Loiriens They missed their subject in the face of the Iseri North. Even if they started this game well by getting their hands on the ball and scoring an attempt by the German international Claude Bricker, they cracked completely in the second half, and scored a snappy win (24-0) from Vienna.

During the last 25 minutes of the match, he wasASME He initially lacked offensive efficiency to kill the match, before missing a lot of tackles and suffering the wrath of Vienna, who didn’t demand much to score four new attempts. The Makonis They will try to replace themselves at home, during the next day, in the face of Berry to Tang.

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Federal 1, pool 2: Day 7 results

Berre-l’Etang – Hyères-Carqueiranne-La Crau: 9-16
Vienna – Macon: 11-31
Nuits-Saint-Georges – Metropolitan Stadium: 29-27
Bédarrides / Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Beaune: 31-22
La Seyne-sur-Mer – Rumilly: 16-13
Eswar – Chateaurenard: 26-17

toilet noise…

We had a full match, with the second set win bonus taken at the last minute. We didn’t give up, we wanted to deliver that success to Paul Genieux, in his last match with CSN, prior to his professional transition. We have found the club’s cherished values, solidarity, heart and tremendous courage. This victory is good for minds.

Jeremy ManierThird Line and Captain CS Nuiton

We made a good defensive opposition in their attacks in the first half, because they have great ball carriers. Unfortunately, we made a lot of mistakes, especially on the ground. Then we focused on catching the ball more in their camp and she smiled at us, and inflicted penalties that put us at ease.

Manuel CharlierSecond line of RC Hyères-Carqueiranne-La Crau

We finished this four-game group with an away win over a strong team from Berre-L’Étang. With its 4 wins in 4 matches, the group is rewarded for its daily investment. It’s time to rest and nurture this week. It will be necessary to maintain the same position during the next block.

Gregory Le CorvikDirector of RC Hyères-Carquieranne-La Crau

It’s a good outing for the team. The road will be long, we must not give up. The team begins to gain strength. It was good to confirm.

Alan BerengerPresident of RC Hyères Carqueiranne La Crau

We take a defensive bonus against the pool leader. We played with our guns against a very full team of Hyères, and it’s not for nothing that Var was undefeated. We had a great game and I congratulate the players who put everything on the table. We still have work to do, that’s clear, but we’ll maintain a positive state of mind. Finally, congratulations to our hopefuls who have had a good streak of 6 straight wins.

valentine karatWhore of CO Berre-l’Étang

Despite losing to the biggest pool team and a failed touch, the team showed a lot of character, which allowed us to finish the match with a defensive bonus. Armistice week has come and players will be allowed to renew.

jahari contactDirector of CO Berre-l’Étang

We were brave against a very good team of Hyères confirming his place as a scarecrow in this very tough hen. It was a game with an important rhythm. We were able to respond in many booths, but our touch was too weak to claim victory in this match. We will have to correct this negative point if we are to achieve our goals. We are satisfied with the defensive bonus point, however, it could be very valuable at the time of the final scoring.

Jean-Christophe PoistPresident of CO Berre-l’Étang

We put in a very big performance against a great fleet. Rotation around the block brought simulator and a lot of freshness at the end of the game. It really is a victory for a whole bunch, with the added bonus being the icing on the cake.

JulianManager and Front Coach for CS Vienne

We had a very good game against a great team from Macon. We won this match on 23, because our bench changed the game and even allowed us to get our offensive bonus point. I am proud of the group. Now it’s time for a well-deserved weekend!

Jerome SolinoneThe second line and captain of CS Vienne

We turned out to be ahead at halftime, with full commitment and a strategy that worked well and we respected. The match could have turned in our favour around the 50th minute, and we would have sheltered from a diverted attempt. Missed points and ceded attempts put us in the back of the head and we couldn’t recover from them. In the face of this kind of team, if you don’t materialize and give in for a few minutes, it will be painful. Vienna finished the match much better than us. Congratulations to them.

Guillaume AguilarManager AS Mâcon

There was a very good 40 minute Bédarrides game and after that, we just died. I think we were a little tired, as it was very hot, but the basics covered. Now, we will be able to rest for 15 days to prepare for the voyage of Commander Hyères-Carqueiranne.

Philip Daminani President of AS Bédarrides-Châteauneuf-du-Pape

It’s a home win against a direct opponent that feels good. This makes it possible to calmly prepare for the arrival of Nuits-Saint-Georges, which is also another direct visualization.

Frank BanaviewUS Issoire Company Manager

We got off to a good start, but then we couldn’t put the match in place. We made a lot of mistakes, especially in our camp, which allowed them to score points. We lacked support for our attacks. In the second half, we made some defensive mistakes and conceded two attempts. We had great pride and scored two attempts, but unfortunately it was too late. We are living in a difficult period. We’ll have to show solidarity and commitment to each other and work hard to straighten the bar, but we’re not going to give up.

Ugo PoretThird midfield and captain RC Châteaurenard

It was a meeting of two teams in search of points, but it was still very open. There was a lot of movement across the field view that tested the organisms. Halfway through the second half, we went through a tough section where we conceded two attempts in quick succession. After that, we were able to find each other and come back at the end of the match by scoring two attempts through the attackers. While in the last 10 minutes we were hoping for a defensive bonus or reversal of the match, we received a yellow card that certainly came to bury our ambitions today. We need to work harder to regain victory and get out of this negative spiral.

Damien FlorioGeneral Manager of RC Châteaurenard

8 . programNS Today (November 6 and 7, 2021)

  • Mâcon – Berre-l’Étang: Saturday 6 November at 7 pm.
  • Hyères / Carqueiranne – Bédarrides / Châteauneuf-du-Pape: Sunday 7 November at 3 pm.
  • Châteaurenard – Beaune: Sunday 7 November at 3 pm.
  • Rumilly – Vienne: Sunday, November 7 at 3 p.m.
  • Metropolitan Stadium – La Seine-sur-Mer: Sunday 7 November at 3pm.
  • Issoire – Nuits-Saint-Georges: Sunday, November 7 at 3 p.m.

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