Faith is a work of art even out of water

Faith is a work of art even out of water

Artwork on the Aquaniene wall, in Rome, awaits artwork of the last 200 Olympic freestyle swimmers in Japan, in Tokyo. Federica Pellegrini is thrilled when she pulls the canvas down – not without effort – and discovers the 17 x 7 meter mural I have dedicated to her “My Family for 14 Years Now”. The work is called The Divine Dimension and was created by Fanny Mangoni, a former swimmer (mixed specialist) who finds his dimension in art.

In the painting, stylized, it’s all: Medals, Arabian phoenix, Anniversary of the 29th Olympic Games in Roman numerals reminiscent of Beijing 2008, Gold Medal Edition. In the corner, there, small for the eyes of the beholder but big, too big for Federica, there is also a representative of Alberto Castanetti who for Fedi was a mentor as well as coach for the Olympic gold and two world gold medals in 2009 in Rome and disappeared just a few months later. Federica’s face is not seen but it is she: the position is that, unmistakable (“I really like hands,” she comments).

Her family embraces her:Thank you to those who lived with us the best years of their careers and a promise of what we will continue to do» says Massimo Fabricini, President of Aniene. “Ideally – Adds Gianni Ngne, Director of Aquaniene – Representing all the swimmers who made our history in 130 years». Malagò, chief Coni The honorary president of the club sends an idea to Zanardi: “A historical card we are waiting for“and remember”The 19 alteti dell’Aniene so far eligible for TokyoFederica is clearly impressed:I love it, it’s awesome. And I would love for you not to see my face, I hope it will be an inspiration to all the athletes who will pass this billiardsSpeaking of swimming pools, from today to Sunday, Sitkuli will be in the swimming stadium. Latest version before traveling to Japan:I want to do well but obviously I can’t fit in. It will be a good meetingA month in Tokyo but still clear days:I must say there is no particular thinking, probably because we are still home. Maybe when the Olympic suit arrives, you start packing, and then the mood will change. At the moment, everything is very calmThe competition will be very tough. Young growth and, exceptionally, three Olympic gold medals of the 200th freestyle class competing in the same edition of the Games: Pellegrini 2008, Schmitt 2012, Ledecky 2016: «Nice thing, it’s going to be a nice race and I’m proud to be there. I’ve followed the Australian and American trials, and my world record is still there even if only for a short while. I’m glad she fought back but I know she’ll fall sooner or laterExpectations you don’t even talk about:I have a minimum and maximum goal in mind, as always. I didn’t say it before, I definitely won’t say it nowShe was struck by the mononucleosis of Paltrinieri, who complicates Greg’s Olympic track:I’m so sorry, I just found out a few days ago. I hope it gets better. The whole team is giving him good luck».

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