14th place: Marchand, Arnold, Ahkee...Men in the shadow of the coronation of Toulouse

14th place: Marchand, Arnold, Ahkee…Men in the shadow of the coronation of Toulouse

Behind star Antoine Dupont or Rocket Cheslyn Colby, the already key men at Toulouse Prinus Shield in 2019, Ugo Mola, director of Rogue et Noir, has been able to count in this extraordinary season on emphatic values ​​and inspirations, not always in the spotlight. Here are the men in the shadows of this historic twenty-first title.

Julian Marchand, finally on time

After missing two finals, he was probably more than he wanted. Julian Marchand (26, 14 caps), prostitute and captain of the Toulouse stadium, has finally lifted the trophy for his longtime club. In 2019, he was injured after his friends Dupont, Bill or Netamack won from the Stade de France stands. On May 22, he was suspended in the European Cup final, he could not even make a trip to London, as Covid commits, as he appeared in front of his television in the fifth European coronation of the Stade Toulouse against Rochelle.

“We managed to ignore him after the European final. To finally arrive at the Stade de France is a source of pride for me and also for the whole group, I am very happy,” he said on the eve of the match. We can feel right at home, after those two missed appointments. Extremely strong, flawless in his throws to the touch, a tireless captain, Julian Marchand finally completed a full season, uninjured, convincing the XV of France to become the carrier. And above all, the captain of the Toulouse stadium in general this historic duality. A club legend indeed.

Arnold Twins, Australian Packsحزم

For a solid house, you need a foundation. If Frenchman Cyril Pyle and New Zealander Charlie Fomoena are the pillars, Julian Marchand is the cornerstone, the beams are the stunning Australian twin. In the second grade, Rory and Richie Arnold did more than just keep the house. At the age of 30, these giant 2.08m brothers met for the first time at the stadium of Toulouse, Ricci arrived in 2019 and participated in the coronation, before leaving for Japan while his brother Rory (26 caps) arrived on the banks. Compete for the trophy with the Wallabies team.

In the end, Ritchie cuts his stay in the Land of the Rising Sun for a short time, and the two compete for the entire season, together, with Toulouse. Julian Marchand says: “They are two great people, and they had absolutely no problem integrating. They quickly took their place and showed their quality on the pitch. They bring so much to the group, in the melee, in the game, in contact where they are so experienced… when you are two meters away. And a little, it will be easier!”

pitta ahki, center of gravity

He is not the most famous of New Zealanders. He doesn’t even have any choice among the All Blacks, except for the Rugby Sevens. But for the Toulouse stadium, Beta Ahki, it is the international level. “In this, New Zealanders don’t have a hollow nose,” Ugo Mola smiled after the European Cup final. Unlike Toulouse, who chose this stranger in 2018 in Ireland to replace Gael Fico, and when he was coming off several seasons troubled by injuries.

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Married to rugby sevens player Kayla, sister of Toulouse All Black Look Macalister, Peta Ahki is reluctant to return to the country. It must be said that at the age of 28, this powerful and skilled center, shadow factor in a line of three-fourths of light, is at the pinnacle of his art and can dream of finally discovering the All Blacks. Which would be a loss for Toulouse, who has already given him so much.

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