Evil Dead Rise: Branch shooting has begun

Evil Dead Rise: Branch shooting has begun

Who is director Lee Cronin?the hole in the ground) newly Twitter Announced that the filming of the fifth part of the series Evil Dead – Evil dead rise – Now officially launched in New Zealand.

Starring Lily Sullivan (Parksenseسين) and their exit Vikings Well-known actress Alyssa Sutherland is like estranged sisters whose reunion is interrupted by the appearance of body-obsessed demons. In their struggle for survival, they end up facing the most terrifying version of their family they could possibly imagine. The film’s venue has also been changed, so that this time, instead of the old woodland hut, the Necronomicon is leaving his creatures in town.

In the background is still franchisee Sam Raimi (Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness) was in charge and chose the Irish director Cronin himself. On the other hand, former protagonist Bruce Campbell has finally given up his chainsaw prosthesis and it only exists as a product.

Since filming started yesterday, there is currently no release date Evil dead rise While the final film will be shown in the United States on HBO Max.

Low budget production Evil died مات Nick name Devil’s dance It was released in 1981 and quickly achieved cult status. After his first work, the sequels were created under the direction of Sam Raimi Devil’s Dance II And the dark army. In 2013 he handed over the reins to Fede Alvarez (don’t breathe) one with evil Dead Likewise with Jane Levy (Zoey’s Unusual Playlist) caught a first branch in the main role. With Ash vs Evil Dead Follow the latest series that follows a now-aged Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), who has to battle evil once again.

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