Evil Dead – Eight years later: Fede Alvarez revives photography with new photos

Evil Dead – Eight years later: Fede Alvarez revives photography with new photos

Hut in the Woods, Five Friends and an Old Book – What could go wrong there? Who is the evil Dead Or watch the original Sam Raimi movie knows the answer: Too Much! Because in 2013 a real Hell scenario arose out of this simple premise, and not only that evil Dead-Fans will be remembered clearly. Director Fede Alvarez also loves to rethink filming in New Zealand and research his personal archives every year to please followers on the occasion of the cinema premiere and story sharing.

Like a scene that was not originally intended in the script and Accordingly, nothing has been prepared. So Alvarez had to improvise when Mia (Jane Levy) was hiding behind a wall and her geek friends attacked her and almost went crazy. The team faced the challenge of injuring her leg in this position, since there was no knee prosthesis.

So Alvarez made a temporary replacement for a leftover arm from fellow Levi Elizabeth Blackmore, but that can’t be seen in the footage, as it appears in the accompanying video. The rest of the photos reflect Fede Alvarez’s gruesome, gruesome path evil Dead She is infamous today, but is in stark contrast to Sam Raimi’s earlier films, which are peppered with comedy.

The next chapter, Evil Dead, is approaching

Apparently, there was still something to laugh about. Lots evil Dead– Fans might have liked to see Fede Alvarez continue to build on Mia’s story with the sequel. But he preferred to dedicate himself to brand new projects and leave the wheel to others. And that’s not how you work in 2021 Evil Dead 2 Further afield, but also one-shot New Zealand Dead Evil Rise Colleague Lee Cronin (The hole in the ground) – The sequel that lures us from the infamous cottage in the woods to the suburbs.

Here, too, the movie’s protagonist is represented by women, not by Mia (Jane Levy), but by a new character “at risk of dying to protect her family”. Mount up It’s meant to be “a wild rollercoaster ride, which is first and foremost a kind of reboot and secondly only a sequel.” Accordingly, it is Ashley “Ash” Williams (Bruce Campbell), who has been looking for him ever since Ash versus the Evil Dead Officially retired.

Written by Torsten Schrader on April 7, 2021

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