"Evil Dead 4" is officially under preparation - MANN.TV

“Evil Dead 4” is officially under preparation – MANN.TV

The log cabin spray continues – horror fans should be enthusiastic about this news. Because there will be a new movie in the popular “Tzze der Teophile” series, in the English original, “Evil Dead”. Evil Dead 4 was produced by Actor Ash Bruce Campbell, who not only announced the date of filming, but also a detail or other detail.

Filming of “Evil Dead Rise”, the original title of the fourth installment, is scheduled to begin this year. Good news, after all, “Evil Dead” is one of the most legendary and popular horror series on the planet. And after the iconic first part, the no less than log cabin splattered madness in “Tans der Th√©ophile II – now there’s more dancing” and the exotic “Army of Darkness”, you’ll enjoy much horror again.

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