“Evil Dead 4” is Approaching: Bruce Campbell Reveals Shooting Details – Kino News

“Evil Dead 4” is Approaching: Bruce Campbell Reveals Shooting Details – Kino News

With “Evil Dead” or “Tanzania der Teufel”, one of the most legendary horror series is entering its fourth season. Producer Bruce Campbell has now revealed that “Evil Dead Rise” will be filmed this year – and the location has already been decided.

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“Tanz der Teufel” (Originally: “Evil Dead”) is one of the longest running and most popular horror series. And like demons, it’s hard to kill. Bruce Campbell, star of “Ash Vs Evil Dead”, is currently working on the fourth installment (not counting the 2013 reboot of Fede Alvarez).

Now the actor and producer of the sequel Ash announced in an interview that filming for “Evil Dead Rise” will begin this year. With New Zealand, a site has already been identified.

The fact that the fourth installment of the series, whose third episode “The Army of Darkness” was released in 1993 and nearly thirty years ago, will be filmed in New Zealand, may be related to the situation there: the island nation has relatively low corona numbers and thus leaves it potentially mutated. Relatively safe here.

By the way, some additional details about “Evil Dead Rise” are already known, but not all fans will like it.

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“Evil Dead Rise” is fundamentally different from its predecessors

Aside from the replay, “Evil Dead Rise” will be the first installment of the series that will not be presented by Sam Remy, the mastermind of “Dance of the Devils”. Instead, Lee Cronin shoots and writes the second part, and Raimi is only involved in the project as a producer.

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Bruce Campbell, who is a major actor in the franchise, only exists as a producer and gives way to a new hero. Whether Campbell has at least a supporting role or cameo remains open.

Like the star in an interview with Knoxville News He assured once again that the final part of the series wouldn’t happen in a lonely hut in the woods (or in the Middle Ages). Evil Dead Rise brings the action to a big city for the first time.

It is not yet known if it is just a single apartment, apartment complex, or an entire city being haunted by hordes of demons. From stifling shutdowns like “Rosemary’s Baby” to tidal waves of zombies like “World War Z”, much seems possible.

Despite these turmoil, we can hope Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell make the right decisions with “Evil Dead Rise”. After all, “Dance of the Devils” never disappointed us. Both the original three films and the reboot as well as their associated series were compelling.

It would be a shame, after so many decades of success, if the new segment did everything radically differently in terms of quality.

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