Euronex Newsletter “Sottocosto” and “Megasconti” until 2 June: Double promotion, new stores coming soon

Euronex Newsletter “Sottocosto” and “Megasconti” until 2 June: Double promotion, new stores coming soon

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new Offers Not to be missed in the new Euronex Newsletter, Suggested in Three editions It varies according to the indicated point of sale. In this article we introduce to you promotions store Euronex They belong to groups NovaAnd the Demo e Milky Way, Even fit June 2, 2021.

Let’s start with the group stores Nova, Who proposes to upgrade “Below the Apertura Grande costAnd it’s the only one that has a different term, since the promo expires on May 21, 2021. The flyer is very short, only 4 pages, and specifically refers to the new stores that have opened in Lombardy.

For shops Demo There is another version of the promotional offer. “Less than the cost“Filled with shows of all kinds, while for a group.” Milky Way View activeHuge discounts of up to 50%Both will be in effect until June 2, 2021As we mentioned at the beginning.

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Below you will find galleries with all files Full newsletters For groups NovaAnd the Demo e Milky Way. We advise you to check the last pages for each Euronex Newsletter At which points of sale are valid. Below you will find a file button To go to the Euronex online store, which is the designated shop for subscribing to our store Telegram channel Offers and one to discover the best of them Amazon offered Today.

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Euronex Newsletter “Sottocosto Grande Apertura” – Nova

Euronex Newsletter “Sottocosto” – DIMO

Euronex Newsletter “Megasconti up to 50%” – The Milky Way

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