Essential tips for your Pokémon Go raids

Essential tips for your Pokémon Go raids

With so many types of Pokemon to remember, preparing for battle can seem like homework. Fortunately, a Pokémon Go fan shared some useful information to help everyone save time.

Many Pokémon fans have been following Pokémon species for nearly three decades, so it's only natural that they'll be reminded of resistances and weaknesses while playing Pokémon Go.

Grass is weak to fire, yes this makes sense because fire burns grass. Water is weak against electricity, because water conducts electricity, understandably. But, what kind of fairy is weak against him? Why is the psychological type weak compared to the insect type? This is because people are often afraid of insects, but it is still difficult to remember.

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Basically, there's a lot to take into consideration, and not all of it makes sense, so it's a good idea for a Pokémon Go player to share tips, and other players enjoy the ease this brings to Pokémon Go raids and battles.

Pokémon Go Weaknesses Chart

com. unreadoak

In a Reddit post shared by Unreadoak, a Pokémon Go fan, the comment includes a helpful infographic, easily showing each Pokémon type and their weaknesses.

This doesn't take everything into account, as it doesn't show resistances or the difference between 2x and 4x weaknesses, as some Pokemon are weaker against certain types than others. But it's a great start and will definitely help many new players find their feet.

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But that's not all, as the comments below the post contain some golden tips that can help any Pokémon Go fan, regardless of their experience.

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Useful search commands in Pokémon Go

As one commenter adds, “For those who don't know, you can search your Pokémon for '>Type' to get all of your Pokémon with attacks that conflict with the specific type. For example, '>Insect' will give all of your Pokémon attacks with Rock, Fire, and Flying-type attacks.

However, another user adds to this, sharing a complex but essential tip that is sure to save time.

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And when they started explaining, 'You can do more with this.' >' means 'better than' '' will determine which of your Pokémon are effective against a particular type. On the contrary, '

But there's more, because the user expands by saying: “Pogo also has the classic programming command “!”, which basically means “no.”

“If I'm against Dragon Pokémon, I'll look for '>dragon', and that will give me (among other things), all of my Dragon Pokémon… but Dragon is weak against Dragon so yeah, I'll do a lot of damage, but I'll also take a lot of damage.” “Damages.”

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Finally, they add, “In short, if I do '>dragon&!dragon', it will give me Pokémon that are effective against dragons without them being dragons themselves.”

Yes, it's quite long, but this helpful tip may not be known to everyone, because while some commenters say they already know this technique, many fans are excited about this new knowledge and the time it took. .

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One person commented under the tip, saying: “You're the real MVP.” Then he added another “Wait what? In my storage box?!? I reached level 50 and finally learned something new. I just tried it and holy cow.”

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In a game as complex as Pokémon Go, it's not surprising that many features go unnoticed, but it's always encouraging to see the community sharing helpful tips. Especially when some veteran has learned something new.

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