“Error”: All about the cast and release

“Error”: All about the cast and release

“A Mistake” is a New Zealand drama starring Elizabeth Banks, Mickey Sumner and Fern Sutherland. Find out more about the release and the cast and crew of the film here.

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Here's what you need to know about the movie “Error”:
Publication: June 11, 2024
Duration: 1 hour and 41 minutes
Type: drama

'Error' Cast: Who's Playing Who?

This film stars Elizabeth Banks as Liz Taylor, Mickey Sumner as Robin, and Fern Sutherland as Jessica.

A quick overview of the “Error” actors and their roles:

  • Elizabeth Banks as Liz Taylor
  • Mickey Sumner as Robin
  • Fern Sutherland as Jessica
  • Rena Owen as Tessa
  • Joel Tobic as Alistair
  • Emmett Skelton as Alexander Colton
  • Byron Cole as Jason Latham
  • Matthew Sunderland as Owen
  • Richard Crouchley as Richard
  • Ian Hughes as Dr. Ben Matthews
  • Ally Xue as Mei Lin
  • Niwa Watawira as a bioethicist
  • Nick Dunbar as Simon Martin
  • Sam Wang as a junior doctor
  • Acacia O'Connor as Lisa
  • Emma Draper as Jean
  • Ella Hope Higginson as Josie
  • Amelia Reynolds as Veterinarian
  • Sahil Arora as the Courier
  • Kieran Milton as Doctor
  • Georgie the Dog as Atticus the Dog
  • Ariadne Balthazar as Narisha
  • Rodney Ji Chan as a patient in a wheelchair

“Error” movie crew

Production companies for the film, which was shot in New Zealand, are New Zealand Film Commission, Ingenious Media, Stavingoh Films, Te Puna Kairangi and GFC Films. Producers The film stars Christine Jeffs and Matthew Metcalfe. Production was established under direction By Christine Jeffs. to work on Script Carl Shuker was hired. to Music and sound Frank Elfman (music) was involved in this project.

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“Error” movie release date

Error will be released on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Gameplay time: 1 hour and 41 minutes.

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