Eric Zemmour dreams of a country that stopped in time and space.

Eric Zemmour dreams of a country that stopped in time and space.

platform. Mr. Zemmour has the perks: he makes you want to be meticulous. Let’s start with his conclusions. Anyone with French citizenship wants to have a very French name – Chantal, Pierre or Paul. We understand it. He wants France to be as clean as the laundry when you get out of the washing machine. It is a point of view. Let’s follow it to the end: let’s clean up the last names at the same time. First: Zammour is an Arabic word that means horn [et non « olive » comme l’a affirmé par erreur Jean-Luc Mélenchon, en confondant avec un mot berbère]. He is wrong to deprive himself of the French version of the name that fits him like a glove.

The horn is the perfect analogy for his battle. Toot Toot Toot! Stop and let me pass. This is what Lebanese drivers did five times out of ten in traffic jams (ten times out of ten for men). Infernal noises to signify that they were the center of the world. It messed up our lives but it made them feel good. As Lebanon is dying and has run out of petrol, drivers are tired. They shriek less. Only clan chiefs and their henchmen activate their horns full time. As long as the Lebanese take to the streets in their thousands to say they want to live in peace with thousands more, there is a man who is paid by a gang leader blowing his horn to set them free.

The sum of unstoppable logic equations

Eric Zemmour doesn’t want to be upset, he has a sense of privacy. He wants to feel at home wherever he is, and out of the world in his own country. He’s right. Country, as is known, does not change. Things are going. It’s made like four seats, with four wheels, a steering wheel and… a horn. Arms sales to Saudi Arabia bring in enough to pay French social security, which is normal in his eyes. But that a French Muslim engineer or builder may not have a crazy desire to laugh at the Prophet’s mouth, this is not acceptable. This proves that the man is dangerous and he has to pack his bags. The result is the unstoppable sum of the equations of logic: a good Muslim is a good Christian, and therefore the good Muhammad is called Charles, who at the same time Charles has the right to expel Kemal if the latter does not wish to do so. His name is Jacot. And if Karim’s wife wears a handkerchief on her head, he asks her to quickly return to her country. Who is the ? We do not know. The country of bearded men where women are stoned for adultery.

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