Entertainment: Stefan Raab is back in TV action with his own late night show

Entertainment: Stefan Raab is back in TV action with his own late night show

Senior TV host Stefan Raab will soon be producing his own late-night show for streaming platform TVNOW. However, it will not be considered an intermediary.

Artist Stefan Raab is celebrating his return to the world of TV programming with great fanfare: the 53-year-old not only has his own late-night show in the store, but also connects with his rival on the home broadcaster. ProSieben Produced for broadcast service TVNOW, one for the media group RTL he heard. He was quoted as saying in the media group’s press release: “For 20 years, I’ve been grumbling about other people’s programs. Now I’ve found grumbling to be pointless, and I have to personally help.”

The presenter of “TV Total” becomes a producer

Although Rapp himself has been a TV Total host for years, and has built a huge fan base in the process, he’ll only be behind the scenes this time. Since the 53-year-old actually pulled out of television work years ago, his followers can at least get to know him behind the cameras once again.

TVNOW co-director Henning Tewes wrote: “In his long career as a pioneering and creative mind, Stefan Raab has played a key role in shaping the German landscape show.”

Recently, Rapper drew attention to himself by producing the show “FameMaker”. There are tests conducted under a soundproof dome. (AZ mit dpa)

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