Enhanced Features for PS5 (Extended Edition) Final Fantasy 7 Remake

conclusion Final Fantasy 7 remakeAnd the 06.04.2020:

Basically, Tetsuya Nomura does a lot of hell right with his remake and creates a role model-like adventure without stubbornly copying it. Because the technology, the combat system, and the big story are compelling – yet the new Final Fantasy 7 takes a long time to blend in reasonably well. Because seeing the old again in a beautiful way is warming up: you can also try several scenes that have little to do with the elegant characterization. Instead, the characters’ defining characteristics are used excessively and information about their world is rudely preached, and the camera usually rotates the hero’s head in the right direction. You hardly learn anything from your own experience – outdated game design. To make matters worse, you almost exclusively navigate the narrow, long stretches of right-angled alleys. This is mitigated by entertainment via mini-games, but the lively interactive scenes have not been developed – which is a pity, among other things, because one is not accustomed to the combat system in peace and feels rushed into the many battles with their ever-changing challenges. Also contributing to this are comrades inactive in arms, barely getting involved in the fighting and making illogical changes in attitude. The fact that the remake of the big role-playing game is still good thanks to its acclaimed launch, especially in the final third, as well as the many fights against demanding opponents. Once you use ATB tape charging mix, trigger powerful actions, and set equipment in intense manual work so heroes can handle repeatedly and aggressively thanks to energetic skills and passive amplifiers, it can be totally heady! With excellent arrangements of well-known melodies, the bottom line is that you experience a sympathetic and immense adventure as well as a story that Nomura expands to include the successors and branches published after the original version, without changing its essence. Which keeps me waiting with great anticipation to see how things will continue with Cloud & Co.

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