End of crew mission 7

End of crew mission 7

Goodbye to the International Space Station

Before departing the ISS, Crew 7 members thanked the crew and everyone who made their journey possible

It's the adventure of a lifetime», commented Yasmine Moghbeli, the pilot of the Dragon “Endurance” spacecraft, which led Crew 7 to the International Space Station and will return them to Earth. “It's something I've dreamed of since I was a kid“And she admitted that she was.” It's sad to leave the International Space Station But he insisted Thank you to everyone who made these trips possibles. “The international cooperation we are seeing on the space station shows us what we can do if we all work together“.”It has been nearly six and a half months since Crew-7 arrived at the International Space Station It feels like it was yesterdaySaid Satoshi Furukawa.

They look forward to finding their families

Time on the International Space Station is a strange concept“, summed up Andreas Mogensen.On the one hand, it feels as if it's been years since we lifted off from Kennedy Space Center and said goodbye to our families. On the other hand, the six and a half months passed very quicklyDespite everything, the Dane did not hide his true colors He is impatient to be reunited with his wife and three children. “We are sad to leave the resort, but we are looking forward and thrilled to be back with our families“.

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