Emmanuel Macron calls for the “liberation” of Lebanese leaders who obstruct reforms

Emmanuel Macron calls for the “liberation” of Lebanese leaders who obstruct reforms

In an interview published on Friday, December 23, the head of state considered it necessary to “change the leadership” in Lebanon.

Lebanon’s problem is to solve people’s problems and release those who do not know how to do itIn an interview with three media outlets, including the Lebanese daily newspaper day Posted on Friday 23 December Emmanuel Macron felt it necessary “Driving changeThe Cedar State has been without a president since the end of Michel Aoun’s term on October 31.

Since September 2020, the head of state has tried in vain to persuade the political class to embark on the reforms needed to lead the country out of the political and economic crisis. “Next, He completedRestructuring the financial system, then drawing up a plan with an honest president, an honest prime minister, and a team that will present this plan and have the support of the street.“.

The deputies, deeply divided between the pro-Iranian Hezbollah and the camp hostile to it, met ten times without being able to elect a new head of state. Country In the midst of an economic collapse It is led by the resigned government of Najib Mikati, which is responsible for managing current affairs and its powers are limited.

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“An alternative political solution”

In response to a question about the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Joseph Aoun, who is considered one of the main unannounced candidates for the presidency, Emmanuel Macron replied that he does not want “Don’t get into a matter of person: names, if there is no plan and strategy behind it, it doesn’t work.”What interests me are Lebanese men and women. Not those who live on their backsHe added the French president, who denounced the mass exodus of young people.

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He said he wantedTry to help an alternative political solution emerge“when”Stubborn with political forcesHe felt it was necessaryDo not give in to those who have become rich in recent years, who want to survive, and who extort“.

Emmanuel Macron, who had just returned from the regional conference on Iraq organized in Jordan on Tuesday, indicated that he would “Work in the coming weeks in similar coordination with Lebanon“.

he said to himselfconvinced»«That the Lebanese, Syrian and other issues cannot be resolved unless we find a framework for discussion that includes Iran, given its influence in the region.“.

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