Pollution usine CO² gaz à effet de serre

Ecology .. Austria, in turn, operates coal-fired power plants!

Ecology is a ‘rich’ and corrupt naughty situation, it shouldn’t be, but in fact that’s exactly what’s going on.

Because when there is a problem, coal-fired power plants are quickly re-ignited after years of lecturing countries like India and China, who are major consumers of coal and therefore huge polluters!

Yesterday it was Austria’s turn, virtuous, to return to the coals so that it could light up all the floors of the country!

The Russian energy company Gazprom is gradually cutting off the gas tap, thereby depriving European countries of this energy source. To be able to make up for the possible shortfall, the Austrian government announced on Sunday evening the restart of an abandoned coal-fired power plant. Last Monday, the Netherlands lifted restrictions on generating electricity using coal. »

So we’ve had enough of the empty green speeches.

Charles Sannat

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Source: AFP via la Tribune.fr here

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