Deputy Olivier Cerva announced the creation of a group devoted to foreign issues in the National Assembly

Deputy Olivier Cerva announced the creation of a group devoted to foreign issues in the National Assembly

Guadeloupe’s deputy Olivier Cerva announced to the Overseas the 1st that a group on the problems of the Overseas Territories will be created in the National Assembly, with the aim of raising external issues in the bloody ark and forming a “constructive” opposition to the power in place.

There will be an outside group in the National Assembly. This was announced by Representative Olivier Cerva on Wednesday, June 22nd. Provisionally named UTIL because of “Ultramarines, lands, islands and liberties”, it will consist, according to the Guadeloupe vice, of at least 17 elected officials, “Max 25”All of them were re-elected. “We met this morning with deputies from the former Libertés et Territoires group, deputies abroad who were formerly involved in this group, three Corsican deputies, deputies sensitive to social democracy”He said into the Overseas Microphone I. Among them, the deputy of the first district of Mayotte, Estelle Yusef and “No less than two from Guadeloupe, Saint-Pierre and Reunion.” Michael Seo, a representative for Wallis and Futuna, has also shown interest.

“We will be in opposition very firmly and constructively, of course.”noted Olivier Cerva, who indicated that the group will be formed “Out of NUPES”. Its members hope To bring out a new approachbuilt around “Discuss” Based on “understand”.

The collection, which focuses on overseas territories and isolation, represents a potential godsend for successfully making foreign issues audible. Reducing speaking time, priority in other subjects, ignorance of external subjects … In the circulation, difficulties accumulate and delay the examination of subjects of the Overseas Territories.

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The invisibility that the members of this group introduced on June 22nd intend to fight it.We intend to be beneficial to our country and our overseas territories.”Among the issues, recalls MP Serva, the group wants to deal with reintegration of suspended caregivers who are unvaccinated, purchasing power, chlordecone, security or even illegal immigration.

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