Eamon Maguire broke a national record when winning the Ashburton Flying Stakes in October

The revival of Eamon Maguire’s season will happen from Forbury Park.

The Ashburton Flying Stakes winner arrived at former trainer and part-owner Graeme Anderson’s new set up at the Dunedin track earlier this week.

The horse has been in work at Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen’s All Stars stable while undergoing treatment for a knee problem.

Anderson suspects the horse’s niggles may have started when he went a below-par race in the Kaikoura Cup when battling in to third after trailing the winner, Spankem, throughout.

The performance was in stark contrast to the pacer’s Ashburton win seven days earlier, when he broke Lazarus’ national standing start record for 2400m and shot up the order of favouritism for the New Zealand Cup.

“I think Kaikoura didn’t help and he had the run that he did at Ashburton and he would have won, but he just hated the track,” Anderson said.

“This is just me thinking – but I think Kaikoura aggravated it.”

Given the horse may have been battling a slight knee issue his run for fifth could be even more commendable than first thought..

Eamon Maguire has more recently been diagnosed with a twisted knee and was given treatment for it, before having two weeks off, Anderson said.

The horse completed a stint of waiter-walking before being sent to Anderson.

The trainer said he plans to give the pacer a quiet build up before aiming him at races in Southland and Otago.

“When he got hurt, they treated the knee and gave him two weeks off.

“Then he went on the water walker and ploughed through that, so he was not losing too much fitness.

“I will just bring him up quietly and jog him for the next four weeks and see how he looks.”

Should Eamon Maguire appear to be over his knee issue, the pacer could follow the same programme Anderson used with Titan Banner two seasons ago.

The pacer also joined him from the All Stars mid-season after suffering a tendon problem after his first Auckland Cup tilt.

“After Titan Banner whacked a tendon after the Auckland Cup I brought him back here and gave him some time in the sea before going to the Wyndham Cup and then the Northern Southland Cup.

“So, Eamon could follow the same pattern.”

Though Eamon Maguire has returned to a familiar trainer, he is in new surroundings.

Anderson has recently moved from Westwood Beach and is training at Forbury Park.

This season has been a quiet one for the trainer, he has only had 20 starters to the race.

Though, as to be expected, he has kept a healthy strike rate with four winners.

Titan Banner, who has become as forgotten as any open class pacer in Australasia, is back in work with Sydney trainer John McCarthy.

“He has been back in about eight weeks and he is just starting to fast work now.

“Everything is good with him so far, he has been in the pool and jogging and he is just starting to get going now.”