Dylan Lam a montré de belles choses contre Pau.

Dylan Lamm sharp third line of review at CAB

It was a performance marked by the CAB supporters present on the field ten days earlier in the Challenge Cup match against Pau. For his debut in Europe, New Zealander Dylan Lamm was in all the fights: passes by contact, Chistra and big bumpers in defence. One of his destructive interventions even led to the start of a quarrel between the two teams.

That means whether the 24-year-old New Zealand third-tier has made his mark on the club’s only win in the past two months. His name is unknown in the rugby world. He is the nephew of Batlam Lam, the Samoan rugby legend, and is now a coach in Bristol. Dylan is also the cousin of Ben Lamm, the sharp winger of the Purdue Beagle.

Show why he’s here – CAB winger Joris Durand

This impressive performance against Bao rewards the young player. Dylan arrived in mid-November as a medical clown at Kamikamica, and Dylan certainly never played but showed a very good state of mind during training, notes Joris Durand, winger at CAB: “He explained why he came. He’s been working like a dog for a month and a half. He didn’t leave him. He’s there in the morning, too early. He left at last. He’s a hard worker. He proved we had a place in the team. He was unlucky. He had to play with The London Irish national team and the match was cancelled. So, for him, I think it would do him good. Good in the head and good in his legs because he had ants in his legs!

His first European contract

Dylan Lamm arrived at Corriez as a virtually unknown person. It must be said that he trained in New Zealand and never played on the European continent, which explains the staff’s desire to keep him, and not use him at the moment in the top 14 too early. “In 14th place, the rhythm is differentcoach Jeremy Davidson notes. “Throwing challenges was a little easier. I think he was very good at duels, he’s very technical.”

Dylan Lam’s future performances will no doubt be closely watched. The player can bring his excitement to the CAB group struggling to preserve themselves with a big game on Saturday against Biarritz Olympique, the red lantern of the tournament.

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