"After Omicron, the end of the epidemic in Europe"

“After Omicron, the end of the epidemic in Europe”

Rome – with Omicron Must Reasonable start at the end pandemic from covid Europe. to support Hans clog, DirectorAbout Aruba According to what this variable can hit 60% of Europeans are at home March, before the gradual end ofnightmare That has lasted for two years now.

Omicron race around the world

light at the bottom of SubwaySo, while the virus continues to work with peaks of infection around the world. not only in Europe ( Germany A record weekly incidence of 772.7 cases per 100,000 population) but also in Russia And throughout Asia, from China (Determined to continue into the future Olympic Games Winter is therefore ready for full shutdown city Even in a few cases oa to observe, with pillowcases A rug, whole counties) until new Zeland (Where’s the Prime Minister? Jacinda Ardern Postponing the wedding due to new weddings restrictions decided by his government).

protests against restrictions

Specifically against restrictions Meanwhile, the fight against COVID continues Protests In the world. Thousands took to the streets to protest against Super green pass Saturday evening in France, Lied to me Brussels Sunday afternoon started with a series of Clashes between protesters and the police. the protesters Throw things at their police reaction Using tear gas and fire hydrants in alive from European institutions. As thousands walked across the ocean, a Washington, where in 20 thousand scenes “no fax‘Chief Joe is finished’ Biden And virologist Anthony Fauci.

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