Drought and heat wave in Spain: climate skeptics target the Meteorological Agency, sending insults and threats

Drought and heat wave in Spain: climate skeptics target the Meteorological Agency, sending insults and threats

The Spanish weather forecast service has received threats and insults since the announcement of the heat wave and drought hitting the country.

Insults, threats, harassment… Spain’s National Agency of Meteorology (AEMET) never thought it could unleash so much hate. However, this is what happened in recent days, after the announcement of an abnormal heat cycle that hit the country last week. affiliate Climate Skeptic Citizens He attacked the agency fiercely attest to a Annoying and dangerous denial regarding global warming.

The agency had to issue letters to do Advocating for “respect” for the work of meteorologists and issue warnings. “We urge the media to avoid reporting weather forecasts based on pseudoscience, particularly regarding important and societal issues such as drought,” The agency officially asked on social media following news of the end of the drought. She also posted a long thread (a thread) explaining her working methods.

in # Disclosure hablamos del complejo científico y técnico The process on which tiempo’s modern forecast formulation was based. Nada tiene que ver con otros métodos, que pueden tener su arraigo e interés cultural, pero que need científica.? \ud83d\udc47

– AEMET (AEMET_Esp) January 23, 2023

And to remember the basics of their profession which follows a “A complex scientific and technical process…unrelated to other methods that may have its own cultural roots and concerns but lacks a scientific basis.”

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In an interview with El DiarroAnd Estrella Gutierrezwho has worked with the country’s supreme body of meteorological experts for 30 years, denounces the phenomenon that is gaining momentum With insults on social networks, email, website and even over the phone.. she does Link to the Covid-19 crisis That saw the emergence of highly virulent vaccines and fueled the circulation of conspiratorial ideas on social networks. Achieving climate denial step by step. A phenomenon that is not a Spanish specialty.

[Thread] The Spanish drought is an endless nightmare for farmers. The loss of 3.5 million hectares of grain is not a myth (333 times the area of ​​Paris). the worst ? We were already in a drought in 2022.
Madrid agricultural plains.
\ u2199 \ ufe0f2022 & \ u2198 \ ufe0f2023
1/5# Skia pic.twitter.com/B3IwBKHrHJ

– Dr. Serge Zaka (Dr. SergeZaka) May 2, 2023

[Thread] [1/4] Climate deniers manipulate.
concrete evidence. They attribute to the historical heatwave \ud83c\uddea\ud83c\uddf8 (compensating for the cold). Dishonest!
\ u27a1 \ ufe0 The map before the event, more than an hour.
\ u27a1 \ ufe0fit at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.
Over a week on Earth, the result is visible. pic.twitter.com/7uKy072vcW

– Dr. Serge Zaka (Dr. SergeZaka) April 25, 2023

In France, too, weather forecasters unleash malicious comments. Many niche accounts regularly bear the brunt of this, eg Pyrenees weather He had to close the comments on some of his tweets or even the doctor in meteorology Serge Zaccavery active on Twitter, who receives many malicious messages every time he shows the manipulations of a climate skeptic. Even his account was recently attacked by bots.

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