Drivers turn away from the police and fly ten meters in boxes of fruit: that's why you take off

Drivers turn away from the police and fly ten meters in boxes of fruit: that’s why you take off

  • FromYasmine Busbeach


Crazy chase: First, the driver speeds up unrestricted and the police can’t stop him – then he loses control. In the end, it flies ten meters above the ground.

Hastings (New Zealand) – Not all traffic trolls will immediately see that he has made a mistake when the police want to stop him. Then some panicked or even defied, while others seemed to depress the throttle completely – hoping to escape from the officers. It often goes wrong – but rarely as inquisitive as in this case. Anyway, the New Zealand car owner chose the speeding too – and did a funny, downright chase with local police. In the end, he not only performed a strange trick in “The Fast & The Furious” style, but he also had to be rescued by the emergency services from a situation that was as uncomfortable as it was dangerous. As reported by

The driver was bombing a street near Hastings very quickly. But that wasn’t all – he was also driving on the wrong side of the road. A police patrol watched the event and immediately attached itself to the razor’s heel. The police order the young driver to follow them. But he doesn’t even think about it – and runs full speed towards the railroad tracks. Then it happens: it breaks through the fence with the collision, rushing at full speed towards a hill of gravel – this suddenly becomes a “ski jump”. As in the action movie, the car “flies” meters high – and crashes into a huge pile of fruit crates. bubble! In the end, the car was suspended in wooden pallets ten meters above the ground. * display from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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