Dr. Christoph Specht in private: This is especially important for the TV doctor

The medicinal jungle in its technical terms is a little mystery to many people. Classes often find it difficult to climb between studies and medical news. Fortunately, there are medical journalists like Dr. Christoph Specht. the television-Doctor For years on television as a medical reporter and also as a presenter. One thing is especially important to him in his work.

Dr. Originally, Christoph Specht did not want to become a doctor at all

Dr. Christoph Specht follows his own path. This has already been shown earlier. “Honestly, I had no intention of going into the hospital wearing a white coat. I knew that from my father,” he said. Interview With news.de. He preferred to study veterinary medicine and make animal films. “It was shaped by the old animal filmmakers on television at the time, such as Professor Grzimek and Professor Dittfurth’s ‘interpreter of science.’ That was a science program on ZDF. That was the direction I wanted to go in,” Dr. in conversation news.de. Nothing came of it because, at 17, he preferred an Abitur in December, and unfortunately didn’t start veterinary studies until the fall. So he first enrolled in human medicine before changing materials later. He forgot to rewrite himself and then didn’t want to be an animal filmmaker. But he remained true to his desire to make science films.

Here’s what his parents had to say about his career plans

His parents, who were both doctors, were behind him too, so I said, Look, I’m studying medicine, but don’t think I’m running into the hospital in a white coat. I want to make movies. Then my dad said, “That’s totally fine and my mom said, ‘Do this if you enjoy it. So I was fine with them'” news.de.

Biography of Dr. Christoph Specht

Since then he has gone his own way. In addition to his medical studies, which also took him to the USA and Frankfurt, he also taught a postgraduate course in science journalism at the University of Mainz. He made his first medical films as a freelance journalist for Leonaris-Film Prof. Dr. Average. Monk in Böblingen. He later continued his education and studied travel and preventive medicine, among others. Although he never wanted to pursue a career as a doctor, he worked in outpatient clinics and trauma surgery. “It was a surprise to me that later on I would have a lot more to do with practical medicine than I originally thought,” he adds.news.de.

So dr. Christoph Specht is a medical journalist on TV

that dr. Specht once worked as a medical reporter thanks to a CNN contribution. In it, a doctor described how the whole process takes place while the Siamese twins are separated in the operating room. This paramedic was a medical journalist and worked for the American news channel. This aroused the interest of Dr. Christoph Specht. “Someone who can read quickly in certain areas (due to successful previous education) and then break down the command to get it to the viewer in a nutshell. That is the job and I want to get it done. In that direction, I want to go. But I’ve never done anything like that on TV” news.de.

That has changed quickly, Dr. Christoph Specht himself became Germany’s first medical reporter. Since then, he has been making films or speaking on current medical topics, including on “n-tv” or “Volle Kanne” on ZDF. He has also received several awards for his work, such as the “Etienne Jules Marie Award” or the “Walter Tromert Award for Medical Journalism” (2017).

Is the doctor Dr. Kristof Specht taboo topic?

He has already given information on many topics on TV. But he doesn’t have a taboo subject like him news.de betrayal. “Influenza has always been an important topic and the human race seems to be very fascinated by germs and viruses. Infectious diseases play a major role in the population. This was one of the reasons why I later studied tropical medicine in England.” This knowledge should be of particular benefit to him in the event of the coronavirus pandemic or other infectious disease. No matter what he has to talk about next. The doctor created a large digital archive that he could always use.

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This is an important issue for the medical professional

In his work, it is important for him to change the concept of health. “We no longer need a doctor, we need more personal responsibility when it comes to health. We need a different understanding of health and disease. With my stays abroad in Africa, New Zealand and Australia…the films I noticed that everything doesn’t always have to be The way we believe in Germany, especially when it comes to medicine. More doctors don’t make you healthy anymore and you can’t bring health home in a bag from the pharmacy either!” He probably weaves his opinion into his blueprint. This is his next big project.

Dr. Christoph Specht has a heart for Africa

For him personally, Africa is a project close to his heart. In recent years, he has spent time in Ethiopia, Malawi and Samibia, overseeing the “Phelophepa” train project and caring for tuberculosis patients near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

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Dr. Christoph Specht in private: The TV doctor does this in his spare time

He enjoys his work a lot because he can do whatever interests him. However, he devotes himself to other things in his spare time. “I’m outside a lot. I have a hunting dog. He needs a lot of exercise outside. That means I’m out with the dog for an hour and a half every day and then stop in the morning and evening. I’m not the type to go to the gym. I try to integrate my physical activity into everyday life.” In addition, he also flies. He still has a valid license in Africa. This helps him in his missions in Africa.

do dr. Christoph Specht is a woman?

He feels very comfortable outside in nature, but on vacation he is not one of the classic vacationers on the beach. Prefer to explore countries. “If I can go somewhere again soon, of course I’d like to do it, preferably in Africa or Canada. I feel good in all areas where there is a lot of outdoor activity!” He does not know if he is traveling alone or his wife is by his side.

Dr. Christoph Specht in a private profile

Name: Dr. Average. Christoph Specht

Relationship status: unclear

Children: not clear

Pet: hunting dog

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