Dow Jones Futures: Google and Microsoft Flash Buy Points as Nasdaq Joins the Stock Market Rally;  Jobs Report, Tesla on Tap

Dow Jones Futures: Google and Microsoft Flash Buy Points as Nasdaq Joins the Stock Market Rally; Jobs Report, Tesla on Tap

Dow futures contracts will begin trading on Sunday evening, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. The stock market rally showed a strong move last week, as the S&P 500 reached a new high and the Nasdaq returned to some key areas.


Friday’s jobs report will come as the stock market closes, although fixed income markets will be active. Tesla (TSLADelivery numbers are also expected during the long weekend.

Parent google the alphabet (The Google), Microsoft (MSFT), an Apple (AAPLIPhone supplier Corfu (QRVO) And Diamondback Energy (Fang) All new purchase points flash Thursday. Google and Microsoft shares reflect an upward movement among the tech giants. Qorvo stock is the latest chipset launcher to launch. Diamondback is one of the many stocks that appear to be strong as Crude Oil prices are headed higher.

The breakouts are among the many reasons why you can be more optimistic about the stock market rally. The S&P 500 index crossed the 4000 level for the first time while the Nasdaq and Sent 2000 indexes recovered their 50-day lines. The Nasdaq index still has one last test before investors feel that the split market is turning into a broad market rally.

Google and Microsoft stocks operate IBD Leaderboard. Google and FANG stock is up and running SwingTrader. MSFT Arrow is on Long-term leaders of IBD. Tesla stock is located at Defect 50. Google and Qorvo stock is available at IBD Big Cap 20.

The Big Picture: The Nasdaq is rising as the market tone improves

Jobs report

The Labor Department will release its jobs report for March at 8:30 a.m. ET. Economists expect to see an increase in non-farm payrolls of 625,000 for this month, with their rates rising as the coronavirus restrictions easing and multiple stimulus packages spur an employment boom that is expected to last for several months. Wall Street sees the unemployment rate fall to 6% from 6.2%.

Tesla delivery

Analysts are expecting 163,000 Tesla deliveries in the first quarter, with some cuts right before the Tesla report. The report could come on Friday or as late as Monday.

The Tesla Model Y launched sales in China in January. Sales of the Model Y were reported to have been strong in the United States

However, competition for the latest Tesla model is increasing. stronghold (F6,614 Mach-E crossover sold in the US in the last quarter, with nearly all of that in February and March. Volkswagen (VWAGY) At the much cheaper ID.4 crossover sale in the US in late March.

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VW ID.4 also started deliveries in China late last month. Production of the Ford Mach-E began in China.

The Biden infrastructure plan calls for more electric vehicle credits and expansion of charging stations. Tesla, which has crossed the cap on federal tax credits, could be a big winner from that. But it could take months for such appropriations to be approved and put into effect.

Tesla shares jumped 7% last week to 661.75. But on Thursday, stocks fell 0.9 percent, falling below the level 21-day exponential moving average.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s rivals are China New (NIO) And Xpeng (XPEVI reported strong deliveries for March on Thursday. Lee Otto (In the) In the next few days. Nio shares rose 1.7% on Thursday while Xpeng advanced 1.2% and Li Auto 1%, all of which closed near session lows.

Dow Jones futures today

Dow Jones futures will open at 6 PM ET, along with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures.

Remember to work on overnight Dow Jones Futures And anywhere else it does not necessarily translate into actual circulation in the next normal cycle Stock market session.

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Coronavirus news

The number of coronavirus cases around the world has reached 130.13 million. The death toll from Covid-19 has surpassed 2.83 million.

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached 31.23 million, with the number of deaths exceeding 566,000.

The stock market rallied last week

The stock market rally has improved significantly, with the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq rising and the S&P 500 clearing 4,000 for the first time.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.25% in the past week Stock market trading, Near record levels. The S&P 500 rose 1.1% to a new high. The Nasdaq Composite Index rose 2.6%. Russell 2000 advanced 1.5%.

The 10-year Treasury yield reached its highest level at 1.77% during the week, but eased on Thursday to close at 1.676%. Rising Treasury yields have put pressure on Nasdaq and growth stocks in recent weeks.

between the The best ETFs, The Innovator IBD 50 ETF (fifty(Up 1.9% last week, while the IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF)fitIt rose 0.1%. IShares Technology and Software Expanded Fund (ETF)IGVIt rose 3.3%, with Microsoft being the first component. (VanEck Vectors Semiconductor Foundation)SMHIt jumped 4.7%, with shares of Qorvo and several other stocks consolidating strong gains.

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SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF (XME(Jump 1.25%, Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF)cradleGained 1.1%. Global Gates Foundation of America (ETF)PlanesIt rose 1.4%.

Stocks reflect more speculative stories, ARK Innovation ETF (Ark(Jumped 6% and ARK Genomics ETF)ARKG5.8%. But both trimmed gains on Thursday to close below 21-day lines. Tesla stock is the highest stake in ARK Invest’s ETF.

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Corvo breaks out

Qorvo stock rose 5.6% to 192.90 Thursday, beating 185.96 handle buy points and reaching a new high. The buying area extends to 195.15. 5G and Apple iPhone play is one of many chip stocks that have unraveled in recent days.

Apple stock surged 1.5% last week, finding support just above the 200-day line and recovering 21 days. But it’s still well below the 50-day streak.

Microsoft stock

Microsoft stock rose 2.8% on Thursday to 242.35, bouncing higher from the 21-day and 10-week lines and finally closing above 240. Investors can buy MSFT shares here. Tech giant Dow Jones has it Flat base With 246.23 buy points.

Google inventory buy signals

Google shares rose 3.3% to 2,129.78 on Thursday, capping a weekly gain of 5.2%. The internet giant recovered from the 10-week streak and regained the 21-day streak before removing a downtrend Three tight weeks Entry is around 2,114. Thursday also saw a record high for GOOGL. So there are actually many buying opportunities.

Alphabet has an official flatbed purchase point of 2,145.24, according to MarketSmith Analysis.

The alphabet was this week The New America Advantage.

Diamondback stock rose higher

Diamondback stock jumped 10.5% to 81.22 on Thursday, making it the best S&P 500 index today. The bullish rebound from the 10-week line also recovered the 21-day streak and broke out a downtrend. This provided multiple buy signals. FANG stock ended the week 12% above the 10-week streak, so it’s being extended. However, with the 10-week streak rally to begin next week, FANG stock may look better.

FANG stock was IBD on Thursday Today’s stock.

Market Rise Analysis

The stock market rally saw an encouraging week. The S&P 500 reached a new high, reflecting the widening market rally. The Dow Jones index is hovering at record levels. Russell 2000 is back above 50-day and 21-day moving averages after looking weak in the past two weeks.

The Nasdaq rebounded over 21 days on Wednesday in what could be said to be A. Follow-up day. On Thursday, the heavy tech index moved above the 50 day line. Final test moves above short-term highs in March. The large Nasdaq 100 Index, together with the major weights of Apple, Google and Microsoft, regained the 50-day streak and the peak in March.

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After a few weeks of tough trading, a number of stocks began to sprout and held up. The chip sector has come to the fore while tech giants such as Microsoft and Google advance. Meanwhile, a number of oil names are strong. A few steel names spread out last week, despite some declines on Thursday. The broader housing sector, from builders to home improvement to home furnishing toys, is considered healthy. Travel stocks hold up after a healthy rally.

One sector of the market continues to be slow: high-valued growth, including Tesla shares. While many currencies bounced for the week, most of them were well below the 50-day lines and usually their 21-day streaks. They may need an extended period of rest, while some may not recover for years, if ever there is. The stock market is looking forward, so don’t look back at old winners. Wait for them to form ascending bases and re-establish themselves.

Game plan

Investors should have escalated their exposure somewhat in the past week. Key indicators appear to be healthier while making the breakouts. Don’t feel the need to rush too hard. Let the market attract you.

Enjoy some variety in the leading stocks you own or watch. Focus on the best stocks, but make sure you have names from a variety of combinations. This will alert you to upward movements in certain groups or sectors while reducing the risk of selling by a particular group. In other cases, you don’t buy every share of the chips being broken.

Always have an exit strategy. With the stock market rallying at a major juncture and still vulnerable to huge volatility, you should have an exit plan for the stock.

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