Don’t Give Up: A Cinematic Version of a Cinematic Road Trip After Being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis/DMSG

After an initial shock and due to the difficult and opaque information situation, the Navy decides to take an unorthodox and impressive path: out into life and into the world. Alone, she takes a trip that takes her halfway around the world to gather positive energy and find herself. An adventure that takes her to three different countries: New Zealand to rediscover her body, Myanmar to reconnect with her soul and Mongolia to reconnect with her soul. In nine months, she gathers unforgettable experiences, experiences consolation and transforming encounters, establishes an intimacy with nature, and returns full of strength, joy of life, and new ideas in order to redeem herself and find a new balance with the hardening that Rosie calls her to find.

With ROSY – GIVING UP NOT ACTIVE, Marine Parnerias, now a successful bestselling author and host of a travel magazine on French TV, has created an unusual, incredibly close, and humorous cinematic adventure. The story of a strong young woman is at once an encouraging depiction of the healing power of travel, which bursts with joy de vivre. Marine shows us that even during the toughest times in life, anything is possible and that we all have an inner strength we never knew we had.

You can read more in a short time in the interview with the leading actress and director in the DMSG Society Magazine active!

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Source: 24 Pictures Film GmbH – 20.02.2023
Editor: DMSG-Bundesverband eV -23.02.2023

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