Donald Trump walks through prison with a historic court photo

Donald Trump walks through prison with a historic court photo

And the former US president posted the photo himself on his Twitter account. This is his first post on this social network since January 2021.


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the "mugshot" Donald Trump is seen at a prison in Atlanta (Georgia, United States), August 24, 2023. (FULTON COUNTY COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE / MAXPPP)

Closed face, furrowed eyebrows, defiant look: Donald Trump, Thursday, August 24, was exposed to a burglary photo taken in an Atlanta prison, the first for a former president in US history. He got away with his three previous criminal charges, but the billionaire candidate, who is accused of attempting to manipulate the results of the 2020 presidential election, hasn’t cut out the cliché of potential ill effect.

this mugshotwhich was performed in the Sheriff’s Department of the capital of the state of Georgia, instantly found itself in the American media and spread on social networks.

This image also marks the former president’s return to Twitter, and now X: Donald Trump posted the official snap, along with the message “never give up!”an example of his desire to fight what he considers to be “witch hunt” Organized by President Joe Biden. His last post on this platform, which was his preferred channel of communication, was in January 2021. It was blocked after the attack on the US Congress led by his supporters, but that comment has since been lifted.

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Filed like any litigant

Donald Trump is now on file as any defendant on trial, with his detailed physical characteristics: 1m 90, 98kg, strawberry blond hair. He also inherited registration number P01135809.

The frontrunner in the Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election was released on $200,000 (about €185,000) bail and soon left Atlanta prison in a heavily guarded motorized convoy. After he underwent this legal procedure and before boarding his private plane again, he denounced A “simulated justice” and one “interference in elections” by the Georgia state authorities who charged him.

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