Burning of the Qur’an, an “essential act of contempt”, was soon banned.

Burning of the Qur’an, an “essential act of contempt”, was soon banned.

in the face of danger Diplomatic crisisl’executive Danish Introducing a draft law banning the burning of objects of religious connotations. This project does not come out of nowhere: after burning The Quran by activistsfar right, Denmark has found itself in the spotlight of many countries Muslims.

The Home Secretary announced that the law would “prohibit improper treatment of objects of significant religious significance to a religious community”. justicePeter Hamelgaard during a press conference.

It’s simple, the government no longer wants to burn or run over these things. The Keeper of the Seals continued: “Burning the Holy Qur’an is basically an act of contempt and unsympathy, and harms Danish and Danish interests.”

“We cannot continue to sit idly by.”

Anger has recently crystallized within Islamic countries in Denmark and its neighbor Sweden. in Iraq For example, in late July, hundreds of demonstrators supporting the influential religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr attempted to march towards the Danish embassy in Iraq. Baghdad.

The new provision is to be included in Chapter 12 of the Danish Penal Code, which deals with national security. “This is the heart and drive of what we do,” insisted Peter Hamilgaard.

“We cannot continue to sit idly by while a few individuals do everything they can to provoke violent reactions,” he stressed. The legal ruling would also apply to the desecration of the Bible, the Torah, or religious symbols such as the cross.

Freedom, my dear

The minister said the new law would not cover the “oral or written expression” of such gestures, including caricatures, adding that Denmark continues to affirm its strong commitment to freedom of expression despite criticism from some political parties. He. She. The law also applies in a private place if it is with a view to spreading these defilements to a wider audience.

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Six years ago, Denmark abolished the offense of blasphemy, the 334-year-old article that punished public insults to religions.

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