Dolomiti Trail Extreme 2021 |

Dolomiti Trail Extreme 2021 |

33 countries will be the champions of the eighth edition of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail, which are Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia , South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain, the United States, Israel. The most represented countries are France, with 100 members, the Netherlands, 40, Poland, with 31, and Belgium, with 21, with foreigners representing 30% of the total.

Among the members, there is South Tyrol Jimmy Pellegrini, winner of the 2019 Dxt 103 K Award and the Polish Magdalena Beach, ranked second on the 103K route, also in 2019. With them, other significant names for the international track, starting with Lisa Borzani and Peter Kinzel, both champions at Dxt 2016.

Dxt 2021 will suggest five tracks: 103 km (7,150 m of positive altitude gain and the same amount of negative altitude gain)); 73 kilometers, with an elevation of 5,500 meters; 53 km (3,800 m in height); 23 kilometers (1000 meters of altitude); Gain 11 kilometers and 700 meters of altitude. The Via alla 103 K will be given on 22.09 on Friday 11 June departure 73K at midnight and departure of 55K at 5 on Saturday 12. Since the snow is still in the upper sections of the trails, the roads will undergo changes (the Tivan’s Trail will not be followed) which will in no way affect the technical contents of the event. 23 K e 11K will be held on Sunday morning 13. Also on Sunday mornings, there will be Mini Dxt, which is intended for young children. The start and finish are scheduled in Forno di Zoldo for all races.

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