Sam Elliott ist kein Freund des Western-Dramas The Power of the Dog. Foto: Featureflash Photo Agency/

Dog power: Sam Elliott shoots favorite Oscars

Sam Elliott is not a fan of the Western drama “The Power of a Dog.” Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

With twelve nominations, “The Power of the Dog” starring Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the leading nominees in the Oscar race. Actor Sam Elliott has absolutely nothing to gain from film.

“The Power of the Dog” is the top nominee at this year’s Academy Awards with twelve nominations. Among other things, Jane Campion (67) can hope for an Oscar and Benedict Cumberbatch (45) for Best Leading Actor. Western Drama was also nominated for Best Picture. However, American actor Sam Elliott (77) does not like the Netflix production at all. In the podcast, “WTF with Marc Maron” referred to Elliott The film, among other things, as a “piece of bullshit”.

“Where is the westerner in this western?”

“Do you want to talk about this piece of nonsense?” Elliott clarifies when Marc Maron (58) talked about the film. When Macron asked if Elliot didn’t like drama, the actor said, “Damn it, no.” He also talks about the reasons for his hatred.

So to Elliot, all the cowboys in the movie look like members of the Chippendales dance group. He talks about “gay references throughout the damn movie”. “Well, I guess that’s what the movie is about,” Marron interjects. Although Campion is a “brilliant director” and loves her past work, what does a New Zealand woman know about the Wild West. And why I fired there and called the site Montana. Eliot asks, “Where is the West in this West?”

In addition to Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons (33) and Kirsten Dunst (39) can also be seen in “The Power of the Dog.” The Oscars will be handed out on March 27.

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