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Sect immigrants Kony and Manu Reiman are drawn to the back. Explore New Zealand in a mobile home. But before that, both had to say goodbye to a loved one.

Former Hamburgers and Their Chaotic Lives: After twelve years in Texas, they have now made their home on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. But while others prefer the comfort of home, backpackers are looking for adventure.

Last year, they were in Australia on their friend Bernd’s heavy asphalt steamer. New episodes of the docu-soap “The Reimanns – An Extraordinary Life” (RTL 2) take them to New Zealand. When the keys were handed over, Kony heard the “call for adventure and freedom” again. “Finally he’s back in the wilderness!” said the immigrant emigrant excitedly.

But the fate of fate overshadowed the preparations for the trip. The family dog ​​Phoebe had bone cancer. With a sad heart, the Rayman family had to kill their nine-year-old mastiff.

Manu with tears: “We have known for four months that Phoebe is ill. Now we have a long time to say goodbye. Now that is the case, she is missing.” Connie unfortunately: “We buried her on our land. He will always be there.” Even during the flight, the pet was Beloved in her mind.

The two are on the road with this monster

Connie Rayman has already defined the division of labor on the journey. “You look at the map, I’m driving. If something breaks, I’ll fix it,” he explained behind the wheel. Manu takes the chair and bathes in the sun.”

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At first the rough leg was not kind to nature. When Manu was happy with the sheep along the way, Connie joked, “There’s also in Luneburg Heath.” Even while driving through the New Zealand Alps, the traveler came up with a comparison: “It’s a bit like Bavaria,” he found. In fact, I imagined being New Zealand “a bit more tropical”.

But he still has 3,000 km ahead …

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