Do anti-ad blocking measures make you want to subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Do anti-ad blocking measures make you want to subscribe to YouTube Premium?

By tightening its policy against ad blockers, YouTube really wants to encourage you to get a Premium subscription. A questionable frustration strategy, but is it effective?

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The news is enough to make people who use an ad blocker feel frustrated. YouTube is dramatically stepping up its game to force deactivation com. adblocks On its platform.

After a spokesman spokeGlobal effort» From the Google subsidiary In this sense, we can see a pop-up appearing on accounts that are not subscribed to YouTube Premium and are using an ad blocker. The window in question indicates that “The video player will be blocked after 2 videos“.

To lift this restriction, the site states that you must either deactivate Adblock or get a YouTube Premium subscription which also becomes more expensive in some countries. As a reminder, this formula costs €12.99 per month in France, in its classic version.

For YouTube, the strategy is clear: discount the free trial as much as possible with an ad blocker so that frustration prompts you to accept the ads shown, or even better, pay to get rid of them. Specifically, we wanted to know if this method worked for you.

Will YouTube convince you to get Premium?

Even if we already have our idea in mind regarding the answers most of you will give in this little survey, we still want to ask you this question. Just to confirm our feelings, or maybe to surprise us!

Can these measures against ad blocking encourage you to subscribe to YouTube Premium?

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