Diablo IV Session Recap: Campfire Chat from BlizzCon 2023 – Diablo IV

After announcing the following new features for Diablo IVand in particular the extension Hate shipDuring the BlizzCon 2023 opening ceremony, the developers shared more details about what we can expect from the expansion, but also Seasons 2 and 3 over the coming weeks. Find the most important information below.

Summary of information

  • Today’s Blizzard will talk about Hate ship And other new features are on the way.
  • As a reminder, there are several teams working on this Diablo IV Who care about chapters and expansions.

Hate ship

  • Hate ship It takes us into new territory that contrasts with the base game. This will be familiar to players familiar with the franchise. This is coming End of 2024.
  • The expansion is a big step forward for the story, arriving in a new area, new ways to play with new monsters, and a new class.
  • Nerili went south with the stone that imprisoned Mephisto. She is now in detention.
  • Mephisto is the master of hatred and father of Lilith. He didn’t expect to be imprisoned in stone and try to escape from the stone. We’ll find out what happens with Neril.
  • Nahanto It’s a new area. And so we will go to Torajan. Residents have traditions. If you are a foreigner, you know the area as Torajan. If you are indigenous, you call it nahantu.

  • Your adventure begins at the River Gates, which is now open after years of being closed.
  • The forest is a character in itself. This is an integral part of the environment.
  • You will travel through a giant and very ancient forest. You will have a sense of grandeur which opens up many possibilities regarding the environment.
  • You will find KurastA prime location in Diablo.
  • Blizzard provides several illustrations representing Nahantu’s environments, and they are very detailed.
  • We will also find the docks from Chapter Three, 62 years after the events of Diablo II.
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  • The ziggurat is considered one of the sources of inspiration for the extension.
  • Trafincal I will be there too.

  • New class arrival Diablo IV.
  • Blizzard had to choose between an old class and an entirely new class. This is the choice made here.
  • He’s not the witch doctor.
  • More information about the expansion will be shared next summer.

Season 2

  • Blizzard made several changes following player feedback in Season 2.
  • More changes are coming over the coming weeks.
  • On November 7, a strong snowstorm will occur 5 new unique classes. The developers are bringing back content from the first season, but that doesn’t mean that’s the case in every season. These are available in Varshan.
  • You can find it in detail in the screenshots below.

  • On December 5, many new features will also arrive.
  • The Occultist will provide more information.
  • Blizzard plans to make changes to suffixes and items in the future.
  • A new activity will arrive with Season 2, which isZir slaughterhouse. Developers add specific high-level activities. This is a temporary event. The team will listen to feedback. Maybe he will come back later.
  • Once you complete the trip, you will be able to travel there. It is a very difficult test. Not all structures will be applicable in this activity. You will receive several recipes to get there. There are many levels, and the levels are much more difficult. You will get a lot of model experience and a new avatar.
  • This is linked to the event and will remain at the end of it. It can be increased to level 200.
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  • In December event Midwinter scourge It will take place in Pics Brisés. A storm occurs in the area and new monsters appear. It starts in Qivasad, and a series of quests await you.
  • You will explore the area and experience terrifying moments.
  • You’ll find familiar faces, but also new ones, including new leader Khazra.
  • You will complete specific events until this event appears.
  • Multiple cosmetic rewards Specific will be available.

Season 3

  • Season 3 will be added New high-level activities.
  • Among the new features, ratings have arrived. Once you reach T4, you will go to the Gauntlet, in a dungeon where you will have to reach the best score, which will appear in the ranking. The gauntlet is not linear. You can improve your trip. Loot appears at the end of your journey. You will get Marx. Collect as many as possible to increase your score.
  • At the beginning of each week, a new challenge arrives and the score is reset.
  • You can filter the categories however you like (classes, friends, etc.).
  • The best players are registered every week in the Hall of Ancients.
  • All players can participate in the leaderboards.
  • You earn seals based on your rating. You can view it in the game.

  • Blizzard thanks players for their feedback over the past few months, which helps the team improve Diablo IV.

common questions

  • Blizzard will add more mid-bosses before Lilith. More information later.
  • Once the expansion is available, there will be new features for players who play in Eternal, in-season, or who reside in Vanilla.
  • Blizzard wants to add an armory Diablo III As soon as possible, while saving your configuration and equipment.
  • The developers will make improvements to the President’s Summons materials.
  • Blizzard will add as many social features as possible before the expansion arrives.
  • The team is working to solve existing classification issues. It is currently very difficult to compare objects with each other. Some suffixes have too many prerequisites or are too complex. Sometimes it’s hard to find the title you want. You want to be able to see first-hand that your choices are making a difference. Blizzard wants to add better ways to modify items.
  • Blizzard wants aspects to be placed directly in the codex and not in the inventory anymore. This won’t happen with Season 3, but a little later. The manuscript is a collection of mythological influences, and this change confirms that.
  • Blizzard looks forward to sharing more information about several upcoming new features.
  • More Campfire Chat will be happening over the coming months.
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