Division 3, Italy - OA Sport has finished on stage from tomorrow

Division 3, Italy – OA Sport has finished on stage from tomorrow

The Online Chess Olympiad continues, taking place from August 20 to September 15 on the chess.com platform. The tournament format includes a choppy start and promotion system that advances the division’s top teams to the next series. Almost everything is ready for Italy, stationed in Division 2 ready to take to the field from September 2. Each round robin challenge is played on 6 chess boards which includes spreading 2 men, 2 women and 2 under 20s (a boy and a girl). Playing time per match is 15 minutes + 5 seconds increment per move.

Division 3 just ended, which saw 50 nations compete against each other, 17 of which qualified from Division 4 (Cape Verde’s return after Tajikistan withdrew). The format provides for 50 teams to be split into 5 groups of 10 with the first 3 of each group automatically qualifying for Division 2 at the end of Round Robin.

Group A won Malaysia With 16 points, the result of 8 wins and 1 defeat in front of the representative of the IPCA (International Handicapped Chess Association). Second and third place for Taipei, China and Sri Lanka With a score of 14 and 13 points, he won the qualification. Only HICP despite 13 points is still outside the playoffs. South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands were also excluded.

In group B, theIreland With 17 points, 8 wins and a draw with Jordan. The remaining two places go to Lebanon and Iraq Paired with 14 points. Only Jordan is still out, deadlocked with defeat to Kenya. Also eliminate Syria, Kenya, Tunisia, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Cape Verde.

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In group C wins Scotland, which after 8 consecutive wins only gives way 4-2 to the second seed Angola In the last round, with the qualification already obtained. For third place head to head between them WalesAnd Zambia and Botswana with the Europeans who planted it on woolen threads. The Olympics in Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, ICCD (International Committee of Chess for the Deaf) and Kosovo have also been closed.

In Group D, the three favorites pass the round as expected, and not without difficulty. Bolivia and Uruguay They finished the lead with 16 points, 8 wins and 1 defeat. The Paraguay It ranks third thanks to play-off games against Trinidad and Tobago, both with 14 points. Nothing to do in Suriname, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cyprus or Aruba.

In Group E, the only country to close in on full points with 9 wins is Venezuela, second place for El Salvador and third place for Jamaica, which advanced to Division 2. Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Panama, Barbados, Honduras, Namibia and Ghana did not make it past the round.

Summary of qualified teams for the next round: Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Lebanon, Iraq, Scotland, Angola, Wales, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, El Salvador and Jamaica.

At the end of Section 3, Section 2 groups are scheduled, scheduled for September 2-4. Italy was included in Group B along with Iraq, Latvia, Moldova, Wales, Uzbekistan, Austria, Malaysia, Estonia and Switzerland.. The blue team appears at the start of the group as one of the candidates, with the highest average ELO score (2,343). Among the most dangerous choices are Austria (2252), Latvia (2245) and Moldova (2138). We remind you that only the first 3 of each group will have access to the top section.

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