CYCLING: The Olympic spirit was present at the Grand Prix de la Somme

Ⓒ On the podium in Salouil, President of the French Supreme Olympic Committee François Coquillett talks with the new military world champion Louis Begourlet who shone in the mountains.

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It was kind of an icon on a Sunday morning at the Parc de la Hotoie in Amiens. The podium is set against the blue flag and a stone’s throw from this pool that was once the scene of his rowing games. Marine sports in Amiens.

this club Oldest in Amiens But today, these regattas are no longer organized at La Houté but at a dock adjacent to the club’s facilities. So, on Sunday morning, we were pleased to announce that just a few hours ago, a member of Amiens Aquatics Club, Erica Suzu, won the bronze medal in the 4-point mixed crossover at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. This is the first time a Samaritan athlete has come back with him Paralympic Games medal. But this Sunday at La Hotoie, it was a start Somme Grand Prize. With on-line, between Appetizers 106Cyclists are not known to the general public but are far from beginners. for example New Zealander Campbell Stewart who wore the number 15 on the Black Spoke Pro cycling team and was straight back from Tokyo.

Yes he shared In the track and aluminum Olympics, he was not only able to get the bronze medal in the extreme But above all, Frenchman Benjamin Thomas came down to the bottom of the podium. Throughout the race, Sunday on a more hilly track, Stewart wisely stayed in the peloton and in the end, he didn’t really participate in the sprint and had to finish 14th at the same time as Britain’s winner Tom Mazon.

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Military world champion looking for the Olympics

A little later, it is The new president of the Hauts de France Regional Olympic Committee, François Coquillett That was close to the end. He was elected on April 3 and succeeded Claude Fouquet, François Kokilat came to our department for the first time on the occasion of the Olympic Day in Samara. Francois Coquillett, who comes from the fencing world, said he was delighted to organize the Grand Prix de la Somme which is obviously happy Hubert Lovett, President of PSP.

A runner thinking about the Olympics but in Paris in 2024 because the French Federation did not reserve it for the Tokyo Games (track). Louis Bigorlet Sunday stood out in particular by taking the lead in every mountain but capped a few days ago Military World Champion in Poitiers. Fantastic performance of this boy, a member of the French military and professional team in Pro Emo Nicholas Rowe Which aims to obtain qualification for Paris.

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