Diver Cliff Iris Schmidbauer – stuck at the other end of the world – more sport

Diver Cliff Iris Schmidbauer – stuck at the other end of the world – more sport

Every now and then you look for a cliff to jump off just for fun, of course. It is preferable to have a height of 20 meters, so that jumping into depths with the largest possible number of twists and turns becomes more interesting.

Germany’s best cliff diver, Iris Schmidbauer, traveled withWork and vacationVisa “to New Zealand and she’s been there ever since. Actually, she just wanted that Its season They spend there, then Corona comes, and the 25-year-old is still there.

The mask is only mandatory on public transport

This also has its advantages, because New Zealand is not only beautiful but has two countries nationwide Closures And the stricter restrictions on entry yet are keeping the virus under control. A kiwi can go about their normal life. The mask is only required on public transport, otherwise there are no restrictions.

Individual Corona cases that recently slipped through the government quarantine hotel network were quickly recorded and were able to isolate them. Fortunately, there were no infections among the population, so a healthy New Zealand scientist continued to maintain his “Corona Free” status.

Grandparents help

Annual Work and vacationThe visa is now a visitor visa, and the high-altitude traveler from Bavaria feels very comfortable in New Zealand. However, with her visitor visa, Iris Schmidbauer does not have a work permit, and money is slowly becoming scarce. “My grandparents support me, without them it no longer works.”

With the help of a shepherd World Championship And the “Auckland Dive TeamShe applied for a talent visa, an association of which German has been a member for some time, and will then be able to work with her.

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Jumping from the waterfall

Iris Schmidbauer has lived for some time Auckland at WG And in “Auckland Dive Team“I found good training opportunities and a nice group. Dry training, weightlifting and of course water training – every now and then the group searches for jumping platforms in the gorgeous New Zealand nature. Because only from a height of 20 meters, the platform height is for women.” EventsCliff diver can train competition jumps. “But once I found a 21-meter waterfall here, I managed to jump through it half a double somersault.”

Check everything beforehand

Searching for a suitable waterfall is not without it, as Iris Schmidbauer admits: “In no way do I do this on my own, always with friends, and of course you need a photographer! Before jumping we have to check everything very well – how far do I have to jump, and always measure the height! Also, someone dives and checks.” If it’s five meters deep. And when I jump, there’s always someone in the water for safety reasons who can get me out in the worst case. “

There are no international cliff diving competitions at this time

Iris Schmidbauer needs a professional for the most complex competition jumpsTeam With divers and guides on the ground. At the moment there is still no international Cliff dive– competitions, but the German still maintains its place as a permanent guest in Word string at. It has also continued to set its goals high: it wants to reach the top five in the world and make a new leap on the hands for a global audience.

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Homesick for family in Munich

For the time being, the high traveler remains in New Zealand. Although it’s nice Styles of life And beautiful beaches like yard at West AucklandThe athlete is now from Bavaria Surfing I know she really feels a little homesick – after her family in Munich and good training conditions at the Dresden Training Center. “The dream will be a 20-meter-high platform, a full-time coach in Munich and of course a major sponsor.”

The music of the future that Iris Schmidbauer can only dream of now. But one thing is for sure: In these turbulent times, a long stay at the other end of the world is definitely not the worst.

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