30,000 visitors at a concert in New Zealand

30,000 visitors at a concert in New Zealand

A sea of ​​smartphone lights in front of a bright stadium platform: These pictures here in Europe remind us of the days gone by, when the word Corona was not yet referring to the changing epidemic. In New Zealand, on the other hand, these images resemble everyday life again.

New Zealand rock band Six60 is currently touring the country. This is possible because there has not been a case of Corona in the past few weeks: But the condition of the couple and their child in Auckland was only known at the weekend – the entire city is now in lockdown for three days. Since the epidemic began, only 2,300 cases and 25 deaths have been recorded in New Zealand.

Wellington was the fifth appearance for Six60 on the “Saturday Tour”, with the five-piece band playing in a different city in New Zealand every Saturday. The musicians had not played in Christchurch until February 6. Before the tour, the band provided hygiene tips: Fans should stay home when feeling sick, wash their hands regularly and turn on the Bluetooth function of the Corona tracking app. Next and last date for the tour is on February 27th in Hamilton.

The party had more visitors than the Super Bowl

During the concert, front man Matthew Walters was said to have said, ‘Welcome to the biggest show in the world!’ The musician may be right, because in many countries there is a lockdown, and cultural and mass events have been largely canceled.

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Such events are unimaginable in Germany at the moment. For comparison: At the largest sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl, approximately 22,000 people were permitted to enter the stadium. Six60 guitarist J Fraser in an interview With the New Zealand media Quotes: “When you hear that this is the biggest show in the world right now, we take a responsibility to do our best.”

Walters added, “I sympathize with people outside. I remember what it’s like to be in lockdown mode and I wonder when this will end. When are we going to show again. So: There is hope.”

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