Discover the linguistic landscape with the Erasmus + LoCALL INSPE project, University of Strasbourg, October 1, 2021, Strasbourg.

Science Festival October 01
INSPE, SIEMUSHYNA Mariia University of Strasbourg. Face-to-face reservations are recommended; public on the Internet.
Friday October 01 – 10:30 AM
Friday October 01 – 2:30 pm

Going to work, shopping, meeting friends – many of us wander our city streets every day.
But, immersed in our daily interests, do we really care about what is happening in our city? If we notice some, do we make sure to read all the city signs, roads, advertisements, commercial, administrative etc that are trying to get our attention and send us very different messages? Beyond that, do we notice that all of these signs speak to us in different languages?
Why are some signs in only one language, and others in several? And the signs in several languages, why is there only English and German, while the population living and visiting this city represents a much greater linguistic diversity? Why do some tags have the same sentence in both languages, while others only translate part of the sentence, as if the rest of the sentence isn’t worth translating? Still others “play” with languages ​​and confuse them in the same sentence … In fact, all these paintings represent the linguistic landscape of our city, and all these questions we have just asked are only the beginning of thinking to understand how and the cultural diversity of the inhabitants of our city is taken into account and appreciated or not in our cities.
Inspired by all these questions, students and teachers at Henry Meek College in Molsheim, accompanied by our team of researchers, have prepared a course with hilarious questions through the linguistic landscape of Molsheim. Discovering this course is what we would like to offer you in this edition of Fête de la Science.
Online Animation – October 1, 2021:
Session 1: 10:30-11:30
Session 2: 14:30-15:30
Link to video sharing:
Supervisors: Andrea Young and Latisha Marie (INSPE, University of Strasbourg)

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Face-to-Face Animation – October 1, 2021:
Session 1: 10:30-11:30
Session 2: 14:30-15:30
Meeting point: Departure in front of Collège Henri Meck de Molsheim (10, rue Henri Meck, 67120 Molsheim). / Path through 7 POIs – possibility to join the group along the way (contact: 06 49 14 43 87)
Leaders: Maria Simuchina (INSPE, University of Strasbourg) and Sonia Cady (Henry Meek College in Molsheim)

For events either online or face to face – reservations are recommended but not required (Contact: 06 49 14 43 87, [email protected])
For both events, participants can (but not necessarily) refer back to the track and questions in advance, by downloading the LoCALL app: (select “Run” – “Strasbourg” – “Welcome to Molsheim” .
Thanks for your interest and see you soon!
Erasmus + LoCALL project team

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INSPE, University of Strasbourg 141, Avenue de Colmar 67000

Organizer: INSPE, University of Strasbourg