Discover the “Train Passing” secrets to maximize your crops and happiness!

Hello Stardew Valley farmers! If you are playing the game and wondering what the message “The train is about to pass” means, then you are in the right place. As a pop culture and gaming expert, I'll tell you exactly what to expect when you see this message pop up.

Stardew Valley is full of locations that players can visit as they progress through the game's timeline and build their farm. One such area is the Railroad, which is home to places like Emerald Farm and leads to Summit and Adventure's Guild.

After opening the railway, players may encounter a message that reads: “The train is passing.” If you're wondering what exactly this message means, look no further, I have all the answers you need.

As mentioned before, you will not see this message until you open the railway. This happens spontaneously on the third day of summer after an earthquake clears the blocked passage. Then there will be a chance that the train will pass through Stardew Valley through the train tracks. Of course, the message “The train is about to pass” means that the train is about to pass alongside the railway. However, passing trains serve a specific purpose in Stardew Valley.

When you receive the train notification, you must rush to the railway as soon as possible. Trains will often drop valuable items after they pass, which players can collect – but only if you are near the train when it passes.

Passing trains can drop items such as geodes, stone, coal, iron ore, wood, or even leprechaun shoes. Between 9am and 6pm, there is a random chance that a train will pass through Stardew Valley. There are no guaranteed days that the train will pass, so players will need to keep an eye on the “Train is passing” message.

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So as soon as this notice appears, make sure you quickly head to the railway and stand near the tracks. But do not stay too close to the tracks, because colliding with the train itself will cause damage.

And there you go! That's everything you need to know about the “Train is passing” message in Stardew Valley. For more Stardew Valley guides, check out the links below.

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