Discover the filming locations of The Hobbit Trilogy

Discover the filming locations of The Hobbit Trilogy

But even if the journey ends on the big screen, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the stunning landscapes of Middle-earth. Today I’m taking you on a journey to the filming locations of The Hobbit trilogy. Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of New Zealand and take a look behind the scenes, there’s so much to discover!

The Hobbit Trilogy Filming Locations

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Hobbiton – Home of the Hobbits

As for the famous The Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Hobbit trilogy was also filmed in New Zealand. This means that all of the county's backdrops, such as the Hobbit Caves, the Stone Bridge and the “Zum Grünen Drachen” inn, have been newly restored. The Hobbit film locations are spread all over the island nation – on both the North and South Islands. It is undoubtedly a highly sought-after location and is increasingly popular, especially among tourists, and is now one of New Zealand's most sought-after tourist attractions. The Hobbitona village in the western quarter of the Shire near the town of Matamata, south of Auckland. It is located on the site of a former sheep farm.

When all the filming locations were dismantled after the filming of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the first tourists came to experience this village firsthand. In 2011, it was finally rebuilt again, this time using stone and durable materials, as all three parts of The Hobbit trilogy were to be filmed here. This time the plan is no longer to dismantle the village, but to preserve it as a tourist attraction. So here you can have an area of ​​​​about five hectares with the little ones hobbit caves Marvel and drink a hobbit beer at the inn “Zum Grünen Drachen”. However, you cannot enter any of the caves as they have no interior space. All the interior shots were recorded in the studio. There are also many gardeners who make sure that Hobbiton always looks like it does in the films. This magical place is definitely worth a visit, if not a must, for all Hobbit fans. It has now become so popular that not only die-hard fans come there, but also tourists who are unfamiliar with the films and books.

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Tongariro National Park – on isolated Mount Erebor

Tongariro National Park in the central North Island was already an important filming location for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This magnificent national park with its three volcanoes was also used again in The Hobbit trilogy and the surrounding area was used ruapehu volcano As a dark world, that is, as a place to see the sights of Erebor, the isolated mountain. Visitors can explore the mountain either by skiing or hiking. The national park itself is the oldest in New Zealand and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Queenstown – Beorn's House and Departure from Rivendell

In addition to Hobbiton and Tongariro National Park, there are of course other locations that would be ideal for filming The Hobbit trilogy. If you want to explore these, a visit to Queenstown is a must. The Southern Lakes Region of New Zealand, with its huge snowy peaks, soaring valleys and gigantic waterfalls, is a must-see. Example of Middle Earth Certain. That's why most of the scenes were filmed here. For example, the highland farm in Paradise near Queenstown was converted into Bjorn's home. This location is also the setting for many fight scenes throughout the film series. Also a popular location in North Queenstown Earnslow ByrneOne of the most enchanting filming locations, it features several waterfalls, where Bilbo and his companions were filmed after leaving Rivendell. To explore this iconic film location, you can take a 4-hour hike where you can enjoy a stunning view of the entire valley.

The Hobbit filming locations in Queenstown, New Zealand

Nelson – Schittwald and Schattenbachtal

The next filming location for The Hobbit trilogy is Piopio, a small town in the Waitomo region of New Zealand’s western North Island. The towering cliffs, unique rock formations and prehistoric Mangaotaki Rocks forest also seem tailor-made for this magical trilogy. Here are the famous Trollshaws Forest and Studles Farm, where many scenes from the first part of the trilogy were filmed. Another filming location is at the northern tip of the South Island around Nelson, in one of New Zealand’s sunniest areas. This environment represents, among other things, Shetwald as well as that Shattenbachtal In this area, the hobbits and dwarves float in wine barrels down the Pelorus River, which is the forest river in the film. The Nelson area is a very good starting point, especially for hiking, and can also be visited while hiking. However, most of the filming locations are located there Private property Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter. One of the highlights here is the view of the famous Golden Bay.

The Hobbit New Zealand Nelson Filming Locations

Lake Pukaki – Lake of the city of Esgaroth

Lake Pukaki, a lake on New Zealand’s South Island, was used as the backdrop for the lakeside town of Esgaroth. Due to the glacial lake outflow, Lake Pukaki has been given an intense blue hue. Above all, the combination of high mountains, lakes and pastures is almost perfect for a fantasy epic. Not only is this a popular filming location, but it is also home to New Zealand’s highest mountain, Mt. Aoraki Mount CookIt is also a very popular skiing area in winter. This place also attracts many cyclists, hikers and romantic tourists every year who simply love to look at the stars. Naturally, many guided excursions are offered here as well, which introduce Hobbit fans to the most important filming locations in this area. There is also a very special feature here Exclusive Sightseeing Helicopter TourWhere you can experience the most beautiful views of mountains, lakes and glaciers.

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Discover the filming locations of The Hobbit Trilogy

The Hobbit Movies – A Positive Impact on Tourism in New Zealand

Peter Jackson's film trilogy has been particularly fruitful for New Zealand tourism. Since then Journey through Middle Earth This enchanting island nation began in 2001 with the first broadcast of The Lord of the Rings and continued with the Hobbit trilogy, attracting countless tourists each year to its most popular sites. Many holidaymakers come to New Zealand for this reason alone, although there are some who pass by on the way who are actually not Tolkien fans at all. The most famous and most visited place is clearly The Hobbiton. This place is now one of New Zealand's most popular travel destinations, which is especially important for the country's tourism.

Even Air New Zealand is celebrating the Hobbit movies with its own safety videos that are definitely worth watching. But see for yourself what the company has come up with here. It’s no coincidence that officials say it’s “the most epic safety video ever,” but you better have a look for yourself:

As you can see, you can do different things. The Hobbit Trilogy Filming Locations Experience it up close in a variety of ways. The island of New Zealand now offers a variety of film tours and site visits to give all fans an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a walk, a kayak trip or a sightseeing trip – these places are absolutely worth seeing for every Tolkien fan. Let yourself be amazed by these magical filming locations and experience a breathtaking journey through Middle Earth. I can only recommend it to you.

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