Disappointment among players!

Welcome everyone ! Today I want to talk to you about him Starfield. Oh, Starfield, a promising game that promised us unparalleled space adventures, depth never seen before from Bethesda, and even more realistic romances. But unfortunately, he was disappointed. It was one of the most exciting games of the year and yet it’s barely mentioned in gaming circles, which is understandable, given that Starfield It has fewer players than Skyrim.

Some may say that the number of players does not represent the quality of the game; Many games have become cult classics due to a specific, dedicated fanbase. Unfortunately for StarfieldThis is not the case here. Consider the number of players on Steam for Starfield And Skyrimit’s clear that Bethesda’s new game has seen a significant decline in interest, while a 12-year-old RPG from the same developers has seen three months of sustained, steady interest.

Forget all the noise and just enjoy the greatness of Einon Zur as he plays music Starfield

In fact, Baldur’s Gate 3 It has also seen a decline in the number of Steam users since launch, although the decline has not been as severe. Moreover, with B C3 In the competition for Game of the Year, no one is forgetting or criticizing the game for its disappointing experiences. Here I would like to emphasize that Starfield It was essentially overlooked by Game of the Year nominations. Another big hit.

“I was done with Bethesda after that Starfield“, said one player while looking at these new stats on Reddit. “I said I was done then Fallout 76 But I decided to give up Starfield …This is supposed to be the game Todd wanted to make forever. Todd’s vision for Bethesda games is no longer what entertains or interests me. Although I’ve been skeptical ever since SkyrimI’m really tired of his lies, hypocrisy, deceit, etc. »

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Fans don’t mince their words, and while one could argue that this is just one ardent fan, that would be a very weak argument – the entire Reddit thread is filled with similar comments. There’s a little bit of swearing, but the feeling is the same. Starfield It underwent graphical improvements to try to increase its chances, but its latest update made the game worse, which certainly affected the reactions of some players. Fans wanted more. they They were expecting See you soon. But what they got was no match.

So the players return to Skyrim, a game that allowed Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard to cash in on “good will” that he was “still borrowing” more than a decade later. I’ll add another big jab here, because wow, players aren’t holding back, neither in their words nor in their dwindling downloads.

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