A major patch for MW3 challenges should be available soon

A major patch for MW3 challenges should be available soon

Modern Warfare 3’s developers will finally address glitchy daily challenges that don’t track progress, and promise to investigate the issue.

A week after Modern Warfare 3’s release, the game’s launch hasn’t been the easiest for Sledgehammer. Despite the multitude of new weapons and even the return of MW2 maps from 2009, many players are still critical of some of the new features.

The newly introduced Armory was not without issues, with players complaining about the new system, and some asking the developers to remove the feature. This feature was also not bug-free from the beginning.

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One issue players are facing with this new system is that daily challenge reports don’t track progress properly. Fortunately, developers have addressed this issue recently.

In a tweet from the account Call of Duty updatesThe MW3 development team has announced that they are investigating this issue. “An issue is being investigated where Daily Challenges are not tracking some players’ progress“, the tweet said.

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The Daily Challenges bug is causing issues for players because it partially replaces the old unlock system, preventing players from unlocking MW3 multiplayer content. In short, it slows down your progress.

The tweet’s comments were filled with players calling for the arsenal unlock system to be removed.

Additionally, players shared stories about progression not working, with one player writing: “I had two days where I couldn’t open anything in the armory“.

But the developers have not specified a specific date for resolving this issue.

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